Bella and the Bulldogs: Jewish Cuckolding Lessons for Kids Must be Exposed!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2015

If there's one thing an empowered White woman loves, it's Black men.
If there’s one thing an empowered White woman loves, it’s Black men.

I recently reported on the Nickeloeon cuckspiracy, wherein the children’s television channel has hired a Black cuckolding fetishist, who had previously made a softcore porn film called “The Cuckold,” to make a children’s show about cuckolding.

The show, entitled “Bella and the Bulldogs,” features an empowered White girl who becomes the quarterback of a football team.  All of the White male characters on the show are depicted as stupid or evil, the latter all having thick southern accents.  Though the Jew is less pathetic and goofy, the Black character on the show is the only one who is alpha, and is clearly being set up as the love interest of the lead empowered White female (who is the sympathetic character – it is clearly produced for little girls rather than boys, as are most of the live action shows, given that preteen boys prefer violence which is easier to present in cartoon form).

The promotional poster for "The Cuckold," written and directed by Jonathan C. Butler, creator of Nickelodeon's "Bella and the Bulldogs"
The promotional poster for “The Cuckold,” written and directed by Jonathan C. Butler, creator of Nickelodeon’s “Bella and the Bulldogs”

The show is created by Jonathan C. Butler, a Black man, and Gabriel Garza, a Jew.  The football team is called “the bulldogs” in reference to the cuckolding fetishist term “bull” which refers to a Black male brought in to have sex with a White man’s wife while he watches.

Our original article has gone semi-viral, getting tens of thousands of views, showing that there is both interest and support in our agenda to expose this sickness.

This is the current operation of the Stormer Troll Army.  We must troll the actors, flood the tubes with chatter of this cuckspiracy, push it to the max so as the mainstream media has to address it.  I will herein elaborate on strategy, as well as divulge my ultimate plan.

We have already had one significant victory already, with the shows creator closing his Facebook account after having been hit by the STA.

Elaborations on What These Kikes and Their Black “Bull” Cuckold Master are Up to

I have searched and found more evidence of serious deviancy in the production of this show.  As if we needed more evidence.

The White girl and the Black did a promotional tour for the show together, just the two of them.

Selection_034 Selection_035

And what is going on here?

Does this look like healthy material for kids?
Does this look like healthy material for kids?  Why is that Negro dressed like a ballerina?  Why is he touching that White teenage girl?

They are really pushing the “bull” theme – a Black who has sex with a man’s wife in front of him is referred to as a “bull” in cuckold fetishist circles.

In this promotional clip, they have an actual bull inside of the school.

The show is heavy on symbolism.  The empowered White girl wears number 1 on her jersey, while the beta fag White boy wears 99 (last place).

And get this – the girl’s name, “Bella,” means White in most Slavic languages.

In Czech and Slovak it is literally “Bella,” pronounced the same.


The name “Belarus” means “the White Russia.”

There are several baby name sites which list “color names” and include “Bela” for “White.”

Pretty hard for that to have been accidental, I think.  Either the Black or the Jew has to have Googled around and found a name meaning “White” for this girl.

Hardcore, huh?

Though the first season of the show is finished and the Black bull has not yet mounted the White girl, just clicking through YouTube clips I have seen many indications this will happen soon.

“Bella and the Bull”

I believe that in keeping with the theme of the show, they are planning to have the girl get romantically involved with a White boy before leaving him for the Negroid bull.

Who knows how far they could take this.  They probably can’t actually show sex on the show, but they will probably include fetishist themes, such as the White character getting aroused watching them kiss.

And again, nearly every promotional picture for the show has the Black between the only two White characters with his arms around both.

Bella-and-the-Bulldogs-Cast-Stars-Characters-Nickelodeon-Asia-Nick-Press_3 Selection_036 maxresdefault bella-how-to-speak-bulldog-4x3

But Andrew, Isn’t It Morally Wrong to Troll Small Children in These Tubes?

Firstly, these aren’t “small children,” and secondly “no.”

These are teenagers and they are openly and willingly taking part in a Jewish/Black plot to indoctrinate children – the show is clearly aimed at under 12s – with cuckoldry.  I don’t have sympathy.

Some have suggested that it would be better to troll the producers of the show, and this is wrong.  It is wrong for reasons you shall soon know.

We need a media spectacle here, we need to draw attention to the fact that Jew producers have allowed a Black fetishist to market weird sex fetishism to children.

This is the best way to get that media.

These four targets:


Coy Stewart (@CoyStewart), the bull himself.


“I’ll bet you and Dan are good buddies, huh?”

“How many marriages have you destroyed?”


Jackie Radinsky (@jackieradinsky), the Jew character.


“Do you have evidence your grandfather is a lampshade?”

Buddy Handleson

Buddy Handleson (@BUDSTER925), the beta male faggot mocking White masculine identity.


“Why are you helping Jews market cuckold fetishism to kids?”

“Why do you wish to help Jews destroy your own race?”

“Bro, how much can you bench?”

bella and the bull

And Brec Bassinger (@Brecbassinger), the mistress of cuckolding herself.


“Have you been in Dan Schneider’s van?”

“How long have you been into Black guys? What do your parents think?”

“Shouldn’t you be a role model?  Why are you marketing cuckold porn to children?”

This is How It Should be Done

Right now, I am having trouble creating accounts on Twitter.  After we did Berger, they really locked that place down.

So how then shall we prevail?

Well, we are going to need to adapt.

Firstly, it should be noted that most people should be able to make a single account from their IP without phone verification.  And if you’re in the US it doesn’t matter if they get your phone number anyway as insulting Jews and Blacks is not illegal.

People can also get throwaway SIM cards to verify their extra Twitters.

But, we also need other routes.  Spamming works.  Put this on every single forum.  Make it a grassroots effort.  Post the article I’ve already written, post this one, just post the pictures and IMDb links, whatever.  Press the issue by whatever means you have available.

Also, send the story to news outlets.  Send it to the Christian ones, the soft conservative ones, the mainstream ones.  This story has been out for five days and yet not Fox, Breitbart or the Daily Caller has covered it.  We can force it if we get enough steam behind it.

The story I wrote has already gone semi-viral.  We need this on more blogs, we need YouTube videos explaining it, we need it spammed everywhere.

This is monumental.  The importance of it cannot be overstated.

Any further ideas about how to troll this show are welcome in the comments section.

Already Winning

The Black bastard Jonathan C. Butler has already shut down his Facebook page following our initial assault, which can surely be interpreted as an admission of guilt on his part and a definitely pretty big achievement on our part.  Facebook is a big part of most people’s lives, so to just shut it down demonstrates willingness to take extreme action in self-defense from an army of Nazi trolls devoted to bringing you down.

This chimp just got BTFO, brothers.

At first I was like "look at this 15-year-old White girl I get to touch while making this show about her screwing a Black guy"
At first I was like “look at this 15-year-old White girl I get to touch while making this show about her screwing a Black guy”
But then I was like
But then I was like “shut it down nao, muffugguh! Dem Nazy be commin at da nigga!”

Presumably part of why he closed the account was that while promoting the children’s show he’s made about cuckolding and posting pictures of the White girl actress on his page, he was also “liking” a bunch of porn pages.

This explains why he completely deleted the page rather than simply make it private, as there could otherwise have been evidence of him promoting cuckold fetishism, pornography and children’s shows about cuckolding all at the same time.

Regrettably for the bull, the Nazi got screenshots.

He likes cuckolding, kid's shows, porno and video games
He likes cuckolding, kid’s shows, porno and video games

Taylor Wane is a famous porn “actress” and producer.

The Google cache of the page is still available for anyone wishing to investigate further.  I don’t know if you can get all of his contacts and likes there or not.  I should have taken screenshots of all of it but I didn’t expect the large humanoid ape to take such drastic measures in these early stages of our operation against him.

This man was hired by Jews to market Black-on-White sex to kids ages 2-11.  Think about that for a second and see how it makes you feel.
This man was hired by Jews to market Black-on-White sex to girls ages 2-11. Think about that for a second and see how it makes you feel.

I had already friended him with a full-functional fake Black account I use for these types of operations (giving away a trade secret here, but some of you guys have a lot to learn about the trolling biz) and was planning on intensifying my investigation.

We definitely need to learn more about Mr. Butler.

The Gathering of the Clans for the Big Win-Win

The potential greatness of the win-win through this ultimate spectacle is infinite.  If we can push this into the mainstream, Nickelodeon’s entire house of cards will come crashing down.  I dare say Dan Schneider might end up getting his Jew goose cooked.

Do you want this to continue?
Do you want this to continue?  This Jew doing this to our little girls?

It is clear that there are highly pedophilic or otherwise perverted elements throughout the rotten structure of Nickelodeon, and if we can bring the heat there is no telling how far this could go.

Like Hitler said of the Soviet Union: you kick in the door and the whole rotten structure collapses.

Actual clip of Ariana Grande from a Schneider produced show.
I mean, I'm no prude, but these shows have a target audience of kids ages 2 to 11.
I mean, I’m no prude, but these shows have a target audience of kids ages 2 to 11.

I already have a private army, and I am proposing an alliance.

It was /pol/ and /TV/ who put this together and uncovered this cuckspiracy, and I am calling on them to join us in our crusade against these kikes.

4/pol/ and 8/pol/ must unite for a common goal of bringing the greatest drama that has ever rocked these tubes.

I would also like to call upon r/CoonTown and r/GasTheKikes to join the fight, along with any other anti-Negro boards.  I would also be proud to have members of Stormfront on-board for the big win.

No one need take orders from me, they must only acknowledge the goal and work toward it.

Get in the game.

The Nickelodeon Jews

Nickelodeon has continually promoted Jewishness in their shows
Nickelodeon has continually promoted Jewishness in their shows

Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom, whose Executive Chairman of the Board and Founder is the Jew Sumner Redstone (Rothstein).

Viacom’s President and Chief Executive Officer Philippe Dauman is also a Jew.

Sarah Levy, a Jew, is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Viacom Inc.’s (VIA.A and VIA.B) Kids and Family Group

Pam Kaufman, a Jew, is the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Consumer Products for Nickelodeon.

Top show producer is Dirty Dan.

The cartoons and other shows have been almost exclusively created written and directed by Jews. While the live-action shows feature hyper-sexualization and fetishism, the cartoons often feature overt Jew themes.

And they’ve constantly Jewed our kids.

Remember this Jew?
Remember this Jew?

The Jew Marc Summers (Berkowitz) recently admitted that the green substance he used to pour on small children, which they called “gak,” was named this after a street name for heroin, and they named it that after heroin addicts working on the set suggested it.

They also created bizarre cartoons apparently designed to encourage drug use among kids.

Ren and Stimpy wasn't exactly healthy children's television.
Ren and Stimpy wasn’t healthy children’s television.

Previous Instances of Fetishism on Nickelodeon.

The Jew Dan “Grab the Cam” Schneider is an open foot-fetishist.

He tweets pictures like this
He tweets pictures like this
and this
and this – another “guess whose toes”
Then he does contests about girl's feet
One time he used the official account of one of the shows to crowd-source pre-teen foot-porn while pretending he was attempting viral a marketing campaign. He told the goyim girlies to take pictures of their feet with the name of the show written on them and tweet them to him.

And he has no issue including foot fetishism in his shows, including toe-sucking.


So, this shouldn’t exactly be difficult.  These Jews have already indicted themselves.

Exposing of the cuckspiracy will lead to high levels of internet chatter will lead to media will lead to scrutiny of the network will lead to an exposure of Dirty Dan will lead to the top Jews behind it all.

Hopefully this will eventually lead to whistle-blowers.  Not all these girls ended up in music videos with Iggy Azeleia and I’d reckon a few or more are pretty upset about the whole “casting couch” thing.

Could end up doing a Bill Cosby on Dan “Rough Rider” Schneider.

Go Go Go Go Go Go Go

Let everyone know.  The entire internet needs to be flooded with talk of Bella and the Bulldogs being a cuckold fetish show created by a Black man who has previously written and directed a cuckold fetish film.

These people are backed against a wall.  There is no way they can explain why they thought this was a good idea.  They pushed it too far.

The piper must be paid.

Hail Victory.