Belgium: Negro Kills Blonde, Blue-Eyed Girlfriend, Claims He was Helping her Commit Suicide
December 17, 2013


On Saturday morning, the body of Emilie Tyberghein, 27, was discovered on the pavement on Rue de la Gare in Fexhe-le-Haut Clocher. It was lying there, bloodied and wrapped in rubbish bags. Her boyfriend, Kevin, has made a confession. He claims she wanted to commit suicide and that he helped her die.

The young woman was not killed at this location. On Friday evening, Kevin, 23, came out of the Christmas market in Liège. When he returned to the apartment he shared with Emilie shortly before 11 pm, a dispute is said to have broken out, according to reports. The two young people are then said to have taken the car – something they often did when they were arguing – and drove to a warehouse in Bierset, close to Kevin’s place of work.

There, the dispute is said to have broken out in full force. Kevin is said to have struck at least four blows with a knife to Emilie, two to the throat, one to the side and one in the back, according to Sudinfo. He is then said to have return to Liège to look for rubbish bags to cover the boot of his car and partially wrap Emilie’s body with, before leaving it on a pavement.

425798kevin12Translation via Islam Versus Europe.