Belgium: Moslems Attack White Female Passenger, Kick Her Off Bus

Amidst all this talk about viruses and vaccines, it can be easy to forget what our greatest strength is.

Do you remember what that is?

It’s diversity.

On Wednesday around 7 p.m., a traveler was seriously injured in her head in an attack on the line 610 from Antwerp center to Oelegem. The woman suffered a serious fall, possibly after being pushed, and suffered a serious head injury. She had just gotten into a discussion with other travelers just before that.

The video shows how different people push each other. Laughter is heard in the background. Someone yells “racist”, to which the woman replies: “I’m not a racist, he beat me!”.

The images are interrupted and start again when the woman is lying on the floor next to the bus. She has a serious head injury, is bloodied and screams. “She was sent away from the bus,” says the maker of the video. “She says ‘cancer Moroccan’ and look what happens to her.”

The police are aware of the images. “We already got that video last night, it’s a cut version of what happened. In such incidents it is not immediately clear who did what. That is why we are conducting an investigation, including the use of all images,” says Willem Migom of Police Zone Antwerp.

According to the Antwerp prosecutor’s office, a suspect in the quarrel has been identified and questioned. It is a 36-year-old woman. She was released after the interrogation, but the investigation against her is continuing. According to the Antwerp prosecutor’s office, it is not certain that this woman pushed someone when getting out.

At least she was wearing her face mask while those hajis violently assaulted her.

It’s always important to protect your health.