Belgium: Man With “Dark Skin” Arrested and Convicted of “Public Sexism”

Daily Stormer
March 9, 2018

Pretending to be a strong and independent womyn is a lot harder around diversity

I don’t know what’s worse – the female “cop,” the monkey being in Europe or the fact that people can be imprisoned (if they don’t pay the fine, for now) for such idiocy.

I do know something worse than all 3 of those things put together though – the kike rats that are behind all of them.

Daily Caller:

For the first time ever, Belgium authorities have convicted a person for displaying “sexism” in public.

The man — who remains anonymous for privacy reasons — was fined $3,725 and faces possible prison time if he does not pay. After the man was pulled aside in Belgium for jaywalking, he told a female police officer, “Shut your mouth, I don’t talk to women, being a police officer is not a job for women,” reported The New York Times on Tuesday.

No, it’s not.

No person in Belgium has ever been officially convicted of “sexism.”

The man claims the officer discriminated against him because he had dark skin, according to Blondeau.

Awww, its feelings were hurt…

The arrest comes after Belgium passed a sexism law in 2014 following the release of “Femme de la rue” documentary that inspired a reactionary force against displays of sexism, similar to America’s current #MeToo movement.

The law defines sexism as “every gesture or deed .. clearly meant to express contempt of a person based on sex,” the NYT reported. Perpetrators can be fined up to 10,000 euros and spend as long as a year behind bars.

I wonder if the idiotic vagueness is by design, or the people who wrote the law are just morons or both.

But make no mistake – the purpose of this law is first and foremost to poison the relations between White men and White women even more than they already are.

No country in Europe, least of all western Europe, actually gives a shit about women.

Quite the contrary…