Belgium: Large Group of Moslems Injure Two White Police Officers

The badge fags fell right into their trap.

Voice of Europe:

Two police officers were injured in Brussels on Tuesday after they were attacked by a large group of migrants. Another provocation took place the following day. Some are blaming local politicians for refusing to acknowledge migrant criminality, even when the safety of officers is at stake.

The assault took place in the Saint Gilles municipality of Brussels as police were driving through the streets. Someone threw a ball at their vehicle. When officers stopped and got out to confront the perpetrator, dozens of migrant youths quickly surrounded them.

The migrants attacked the officers and threw projectiles at their heads. Two of the officers were injured and were given a leave of absence from their duties, according to a report by SCEPTR.

The following day another ball was thrown at a police vehicle. Police representatives said that they do not believe the balls being thrown are accidental.

Vincent Houssin, a representative of the Brussels police union, said that gangs of youths are taking advantage of the Wuhan coronavirus crisis to carry out attacks on the police in an interview on Belgium’s Radio 1 on Thursday. He also blamed local politicians for not daring to challenge the perpetrators of such attacks, saying that “police are losing control of the streets and we feel that it will eventually get out of hand.”