Belgium: Iranian Haji Arrested in Connection with Stabbing of Russian Skank

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2018

No photo of the suspect has been released yet, so here’s a choice specimen from my “Moslem Mugshots” folder.

It seems this slut was cycling between haji lovers, and one of them ending up killing her (and a rival Moslem) in a “crime of passion.”

So much for those Slavic princesses of ours, eh?

Seriously, these Eastern European skanks love hopping on Paki cock the moment they arrive in the West.

Infowars Europe:

An Iranian migrant has been arrested in connection with a double stabbing that claimed the lives of a young Russian female and Afghan male at a student housing complex in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Mohammed M., a 20-year-old from Iran, is suspected of murdering Youlia Soboleva and Nessar Jamshidi, both believed to be between 18 and 20-years-old, in what has been deemed a crime of passion, as both men were supposedly in love with Ms. Soboleva.

Cleaning personnel and emergency services discovered the bodies of the two victims in the student residence, where Jamshidi is said to have lived. It is unclear whether he was a student or not, as reports are conflicting.

Mohammed M. was apprehended when he sought medical attention at a local hospital, having been wounded in the attack, according to reports. He also lived in student housing nearby, but Infowars Europe has not seen any information indicating that he is a student.

“The building, a stone’s throw from the police station in the same street, has now been sealed,” reports KW. “According to local residents there are blood spatters on the streets and blood stains are found at the entrance of the building.”

Youlia Soboleva.