Belgium: Half of Coronavirus Deaths Come from Nursing Homes, Lockdown Extended Until May

Belgian Prime Minister and Protector of the Elderly, Sophie Wilmes

Most of the people dying from this virus are very, very old.

Countries with older populations have the most coronavirus deaths, by a longshot.

This data from Belgium confirms it.

Daily Mail:

Half of all coronavirus deaths in Belgium are taking place in nursing homes, figures have revealed.

Belgium has so far reported 33,573 confirmed cases including 4,440 deaths.

Of these total fatalities, 46 per cent were in nursing homes, the latest data showed.

It comes as the the country’s stay-at-home order was extended until at least May 3.

The lockdown has seen schools, bars and restaurants closed since mid-March, as the country’s per capita death rate has risen to among the highest in the world.

Mass gatherings, including concerts and sporting events, have been banned until the end of August.

Announcing the decision, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes said she would hold new crisis talks next week to discuss a ‘progressive’ loosening of measures from early May.

Belgium is one of few countries in Europe that includes in its daily tally of coronavirus-related deaths all non-hospitalised people who displayed symptoms of the disease even if they had not been confirmed as having had it.

That may help to explain why Belgium, a small country of about 11.5 million people, now has the fifth highest coronavirus death toll in Europe, ahead of more populous nations like Germany and the Netherlands.

Highlighting fears that many other nations may be under-reporting deaths, Britain released data on Tuesday suggesting its true death toll is probably much higher than government figures, which only record hospital fatalities.

With an overall mortality rate of around 12 per cent, Belgium would be the hardest-hit small country in Europe, according to data.

After repeated calls from regional bodies, the Belgian government said all staff and residents at nursing homes would now be tested, in a process expected to take about three weeks.

Government officials said a fifth of nursing home residents and 14 per cent of staff had been confirmed as having coronavirus based on some 11,000 tests conducted on Tuesday.

It is pretty clear by now that the purpose of destroying Western economies through the insane lockdown and social distancing policies is to allow old people to do whatever it is that old people do with their barely-functioning bodies for a couple more months or so.

The future of the young has been sacrificed to buy a bit more time for people who already lived their lives.