Belgium: Haji Terrorists Arrested to Protect Soccer Games

Daily Stormer
June 20, 2016

Belgian police officers patrol in central Brussels, Belgium, June 18, 2016. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Belgian police, patrolling the soccer stadium.

Wow, it seems like we’ve finally found the key factor that’ll motivate Europeans to crack down on Islamic terrorism: Soccer (which Europeans still insist on calling football for some reason).


Belgian prosecutors charged three men with terrorism offences on Saturday following overnight raids that took place amid heightened security in Belgium and France due to the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

Three months after Islamist bombers killed 32 people in Brussels, police searched dozens of houses across the country and arrested 12 people the night before Belgium’s Euro 2016 game against Ireland.

We need some kind of European Trump who’ll set up constant soccer tournaments in order to insure heightened security year-round.

trump soccer

“Our leaders are so incompetent. They insist on only having one football tournament every four years. Sad! Once I’m elected we can finally be safe from terrorism. Non-stop football, folks. It’ll be HUGE. And Saudi Arabia’s gonna pay for it too. Trust me, they’ll pay.”

Nine of them were released after questioning but three Belgian nationals identified as 27-year-old Samir C., 40-year-old Moustapha B., and 29-year-old Jawad B., were charged with “having attempted to commit a terrorist murder and for participation in the activities of a terrorist group”, the federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement.


This terrorist seems alright, boys, let em’ go.

I guess the 9 others had their interrogation go a bit like this:

Europol: So, Ahmed, do you intend to pull a Charlie on the Euro 2016 games?

Ahmed: Well, no, not on the football games.

Europol: Okay, you can go then.

Ahmed: My target is actually the…

Europol: I said, you can go.

Some media reports said the suspects had planned attacks against fans watching the Euro 2016 games in Brussels, and had possibly been targeting Saturday afternoon’s Belgium vs Ireland match.

Flemish public broadcaster VTM said the people arrested overnight were suspected of planning an attack in Brussels this weekend during one of Belgium’s soccer matches.

Areas where fans watch matches in Brussels were potential targets, as well as other crowded areas such as shopping centres and stations, Belgian media reported.

From this we can see that these Hajis truly are incompatible with European values and civilization (one of the defining elements of which is soccer).