Belgium: Doctors Want Prison Time for Idiots Who Subject Their Children to Vegan Diets

Daily Stormer
May 20, 2019

Can’t figure out what this goofy-sounding language is, but I approve of what they’re doing.

I’ve spent most of my life thinking that Jews are the most disgusting vermin on the face of the earth.

But lately, all the stuff I’ve been reading about vegans is seriously making me consider them a serious contender.

Slowly starving your own children until they’re, at best, hospitalized, just because some other retard told you bacon has feelings… That’s a very high standard of degeneracy.


While vegetarians simply abstain from eating meat, vegans go a step further, abstaining from eating all animal-derived food, including meat, eggs, and even dairy products.

Health professionals in Belgium say that parents raising children as vegans should be prosecuted because forcing kids into this lifestyle amounts to ill-treatment.

Personally, I think they should be prosecuted just for being vegan, but this is a good start.

It is estimated that 3 percent of Belgian children are raised vegan, according to the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine, which serves as an advisory organ for governmental institutions.

So almost 1 in 30 children are doing this.

And you know damn well it’s all White people doing it, since we’re the only ones smart enough to be tricked into giving a shit about lesser forms of life.

Veganism not only causes permanent damage to children, but also drastically lowers fertility, so it’s a double-pronged attack on our reproduction.

“I can only call it absurd when vegans cringe at the thought of killing a fish, but just don’t see a moral issue with killing a human unborn baby.”

The Academy has published a legal opinion, seen by local newspaper Le Soir, which is said to assert that a vegan diet causes under-nutrition and growth delays and is not recommended for pregnant women, children and adolescents, or for women who are lactating.

The health professionals maintain that such a diet leads to particular deficiencies in high-biological-value proteins, vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron, zinc and iodine, as well as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is essential to the development of the brain in infants.

Absolutely shocking that eating like a rabbit is bad for people who aren’t rabbits.

It would’ve never crossed my mind if some eggheads hadn’t made a study about it.

“We must explain to the parents before forcing them,” said Professor Georges Casimir, a paediatrician who led the commission that wrote the report, “but we can no longer tolerate this endangerment.”

He told Le Soir that forcing children into veganism will now fall under a Belgian law that makes it a crime to fail to provide assistance to a person in danger, which is punishable by up to two years in jail and fines.

That’s kind of stupid.

The parents are the ones actively endangering the children. They should be prosecuted for attempted murder – or actual murder when it happens (and it has happened a lot of times before, including in Belgium).

And what people don’t get about these freaks is that feeding their babies this insane diet isn’t the only way they’re harming them; just the mother being vegan and breastfeeding can have terrible health consequences, including death, since the quality of the mother’s milk depends on the mother’s diet.

This finding was reportedly commissioned at the request of Bernard De Vos, ombudsman for children’s rights in Belgium’s French Community, who was alarmed by the increasing number of health complications (including deaths) among children in hospitals, nurseries and schools.

Since a plant-based diet is not technically prohibited in Belgium, imposing it on children will not necessarily qualify as child neglect but will make it easier for authorities to remove the child from their parents if his or her poor health is associated with a vegan diet.

How about just not letting them breed to begin with?

I think it would be much simpler, and better in other ways.

Physical health aside, most of these people are very clearly insane, and you can tell just by looking at them.

All of them are covered in tattoos, have weird-colored hair, support every form of degeneracy the Jews tell them to, and overall are just people who are damaging for society.

Many of them could probably be made normal again. Most anti-vegan channels on YouTube are run by people who were vegan and got cured.

The real zombie apocalypse will be much gayer than in the movies.