Belgian Woman Undergoes Assisted Suicide After Failed Sex Change

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2013

Gah!  Yeah, I wouldn't want to live like that either.
Gah! Yeah, I wouldn’t want to live like that either.
A Belgian woman, who tried to have a sex change, has been voluntarily put down like a dog in Belgium after the operation – surprise, surprise – left her as a monster.

From The Independent:

Nathan Verhelst, 44, was administered legal euthanasia on Monday afternoon, on the grounds of “unbearable psychological suffering”, by the same doctor who euthanized two deaf twins last year.

Shortly before he died, he told Belgium’s Het Laatse Nieuws: “I was ready to celebrate my new birth. But when I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself.

“My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be a monster.”

Verhelst was born the only daughter in a family of three boys, and admitted that he had been “the girl that nobody wanted”.

He first had hormone therapy in 2009, followed in 2012 by a mastectomy, and finally surgery to construct a penis.

The euthanasia was carried out by Wim Distelmans, a cancer doctor who hit the news last year after he gave lethal injections to twins Marc and Eddy Verbessem.

In other news, isn’t it bizarre that the Belgian government allows not only deformed sex-change weirdos, but also deaf people, to kill themselves?

This is a symptom of a very unhealthy society. What would Hitler say?