Belarus Shuts Down Energy to Europe as Putin Says They Shouldn’t Do That

So, Russia couldn’t keep the president of the Ukraine from completely losing control.

Now they can’t keep the president of Belarus from doing the exact opposite thing.

Why didn’t Russia plan for any eventuality?


Belarus has announced “unscheduled repairs” are needed on a branch of the ‘Friendship’ pipeline carrying oil supplies from Russia through the country to a number of EU states, insisting that maintenance work will take three days.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Russian energy export giant Transneft said supplies could face short-term disruption. Spokesman Igor Demin told journalists he had been informed the impromptu repair work should be finished by the weekend. The pipeline connects oil fields in Central Russia to consumers in Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Germany.

The Belarusian operator, Gomeltransneft Druzhba, reportedly began work on Tuesday evening, with supplies set to decrease. However, officials say, monthly export volumes shouldn’t be affected, and Demin insisted Transneft hopes to ensure its delivery quotas are met.

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The news comes just days after Belarus’ embattled leader, Alexander Lukashenko, warned that his country could cut off gas flowing to Central and Western Europe in response to a worsening row over illegal migration on the border with Poland.

Thousands of refugees have set up camps along the frontier, with the EU accusing Minsk of putting on flights from troubled nations like Syria and Iraq, and encouraging desperate people to try to cross over in retribution for sanctions levied against its government. Belarus denies the claims, insisting that it is simply no longer able to prevent migrants reaching the border.

Lukashenko said last week that, when considering potential future sanctions, European leaders should remember that he could “cut off” energy supplies through the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which delivers gas from Siberia to Germany and other EU states.

I guess it’s possible that this is part of some 5D chess agenda, and that Russia actually supports this move by Belarus. That is what someone who thinks everything that happens on earth is planned by geniuses would say.

I don’t think everything is planned by geniuses, and I’ve seen the fact that Russia’s primary strategy at present is based around gaining sympathy from Germany based on the fact they supply them with energy.

I respect Lukashenko’s boldness, but this is just absurd.

He knows that Putin can’t stop him from doing this, so he’s just doing it. It’s not reasonable. Putin has been backing him up on the migrant war thing, and on everything else.