Belarus Plane Grounding: What About Evo Morales???

Evo Morales: an innocent mountain person harassed by NATO for no reason.

We are supposed to believe that Belarus grounding a plane to arrest a gay homo from social media is the worst thing that has ever happened in history – and that nothing has ever compared to this.

However, the West did the exact same thing in 2013, when they forced the private plane of the president of Boliva, Evo Morales, to land in Europe because Western intelligence thought Edward Snowden was on the plane.

There is a Wikipedia page on that event. It is actually much more extreme than what Belarus did.

Some people are remembering this event. Russia’s queen of PR (best ever PR chief) Maria Zakharova has brought it up. People on social media also remember.

Even the French remember!

How did they even know either things happened, since they don’t speak English???

But it do. It do.

You might be saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” – but in fact, two wrongs making a right is literally the entire basis of the foreign policy of the Western powers. That’s what “tit for tat” means – it’s a different way of expressing the idea that “two wrongs make a right.”

What’s more: there is very good evidence that actually, Hamas did do a bomb threat against that Ryanair jet that was grounded, and it was just a coincidence that it happened to contain someone Belarus wanted to arrest!

Or maybe it’s not a coincidence – maybe Hamas hated Roman Protasevich because he is so gay!

Moslems hate gays, right???

This faggot is as gay as they come!

Anyway – the EU is not every going to answer “what about Morales????”, and will instead do sanctions and whatever.

They’ve put out a list.

Gay list. Spelled “Roman” as “Raman.” Granted, it’s a translation from another alphabet, but in general, we’ve all agreed that “Раман” is spelled “Roman” in Latin letters.