Belarus: Opposition Woman Accused of Forming Revolutionary Group to Overthrow the Government

Ugly women: they’ve got nothing going on.

When you see NATO in there like NATO has been in Belarus, and they continue to fail with their “peaceful protest” revolutionary agenda, you can be sure that their next move is a violent revolution.

This comes as no surprise at all.


Belarus has opened a criminal case against former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her ‘Coordination Council’ opposition movement. Its members are accused of forming an extremist group to overthrow the government.

Founded in August after the disputed election, officially won by incumbent Alexander Lukashenko, all of the Coordination Council’s Presidium members are currently in prison or in exile abroad. Their stated aim is to establish a dialogue with authorities, with the goal of eventually holding new elections.

According to the latest indictment, published by the Prosecutor General’s office, they are accused of “creating an extremist group and leading it, and financing its activities in order to seize state power in an unconstitutional manner.”

President Lukashenko had already accused them of the same thing, back in August.

In addition to Tikhanovskaya, the case explicitly names opposition figures Maria Kolesnikova and Olga Kovalkova, former Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko, strike leader Sergei Dylevsky, and lawyer Maxim Znak.

The Western media will come out and say “NUH-UH, it’s not true though!” – but look at what you see.

These “opposition” figures lost the election, by an extreme margin. Then they held street protests, funded by foreigners. Then they started saying NATO should invade. Now, they’re continuing on, with dwindling protests, saying they’re going to “fight the regime.”

They already have all of this Western attention, with all of these foreign groups supporting them, so they could very easily just wait for the next election and have everything in place to seize power. But they’re not doing that.

What would be next, other than a violent coup?

NATO is going to invade, so the obvious and only next step is to fund an internal revolution.

Here’s the deal: coronavirus is the kickoff of a New World Order system. Belarus is a country that is standing in the way of that. Actually, it’s Russia backing Belarus that is standing in the way of that, but the next phase of this project is going to be taking down Russia and China, and it would be a lot easier for these people to begin that next phase if Belarus was taken down.

Everything that you see happening in the world, from the Antifa riots in Hong Kong, to the Anti-monarchy riots in Thailand, to the feminist riots in Mexico, to the gay rights movement in Saudi Arabia, to the attempts to overthrow communism in Venezuela, to the deals Arab leaders are making with Israel, to the promotion of feminism in Afghanistan, to the rising feminist movement in Japan – all of this is linked to a plan to bring together the whole world, under the same agenda. Anyone who is outside of that agenda is about to start feeling maximum pressure very soon.

You are witnessing “the great focusing,” as everything is pulled into line with this agenda.