Belarus: Opposition Cunt PRAISES Sanctions Against Her Country!

“Hi, I’m a stupid fat cunt. Please, everyone pay attention to me!”

The opposition cunt in Belarus is now out there celebrating sanctions on her country, which are going to be crippling to the working people of her country.

Do you think that a person who cares about her country would be celebrating sanctions against it?

Or does this sound like the work of yet another dumb cunt who only cares about bringing attention to her own fat body?


European Union sanctions against 40 officials in Belarus are “a small victory” but should be widened, opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya said on Monday, adding she would press Germany’s Angela Merkel to do more at a meeting on Tuesday.

Tsikhanouskaya fled her homeland for Lithuania amid a police crackdown in Belarus following an Aug. 9 presidential election, which official results said incumbent Alexander Lukashenko won, but which Tsikhanouskaya’s supporters say was rigged.

Lukashenko denies doctoring the election result. EU leaders agreed last Friday to impose sanctions on 40 individuals including Belarus’ interior minister and the head of its electoral commission.

“It’s a victory but it’s a small victory, and I’m sure – and I insist – that this list should be widened,” Tsikhanouskaya said of the sanctions in an interview with Reuters ahead of a meeting with Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday.

She expected the encounter to be “a warm conversation between two women – one of which needs help for my country, and one of which I’m sure is eager to help us,” she said, speaking English.

Yeah, meaning she expects it to be a catty bitchfest complaining about men.

“Fight the patriarchy” and all that.

How has bringing down the patriarchy worked out for Germany?

Has it resulted in massive immigration of illiterate Islamic garbage and a crippling coronavirus hoax lockdown?

“I have some proposals of help from her side and I think we will discuss them,” she added, without giving details. “Germany does a lot, but I’m sure it can do more“.

Merkel, who said after the Aug. 9 election that it was neither free nor fair and Germany could not accept its result, has ruled herself out as a mediator, as she said Lukashenko had refused her requests for a phone call.

Tsikhanouskaya, who met French President Emmanuel Macron last week, was confident Lukashenko “will step away” and that new elections, “fair and transparent”, would follow.

The two-month-old crisis has pushed Lukashenko back towards traditional ally Russia, which has propped up Belarus with loans and an offer of military support. Both have accused the West of meddling in Belarus.


What do you call all of this, if not meddling?

What do you call condemning the elections – after declining an invitation to observe the elections – and saying Lukashenko isn’t the real president? What do you call meeting with the opposition cunt and planning to overthrow the elected government?

This is sick.

Belarus is currently the single freest country in Europe, given that along with Sweden, they are the only country that has not capitulated to this insane lockdown agenda. Belarus is literally free and open, they’re not closing businesses, they’re not wearing masks. Of course, they didn’t have any problems, because as we’ve seen, this virus is not dangerous.

But imagine: these people have a government that refuses to force this lockdown on them, and yet they are saying that they want to be more like countries that have nothing but nonstop anal sex, Islamic and African immigration, and literally zero freedoms.

How does that work?

Why would they want more anal, more immigrants, and less freedom?

Well, obviously, the only possible explanation is that these protests are being stirred up by foreign powers.

And – it’s all women.

Women can be convinced to do anything, because everything they do is only based on how they feel. If you don’t need to use logic to convince someone of something, and can instead convince them simply by stirring up emotions, you can convince them of literally anything.

Belarus is one of the last free countries in Europe. They have not bought into the liberal scam. And the globalists are thus obsessed with bringing them down.

This is all very obvious to anyone who has any idea what the hell is going on in the world right now. But the masses of people, sadly, really are just goyim who will go along with anything that is sold to them as popular and fashionable.

Democracy has failed, miserably.

We need to walk all of this back, for the sake of civilization. We need to stop universal suffrage. We need to get women out of the public. We don’t have any choice. We have doomed ourselves.

We need to bring back the patriarchy.