Belarus: Lukashenko Wins the Election by Obvious Margin, State Department Shills Go Ape…!

It is a scam to imagine that Lukashenko was ever going to lose. He’s extremely popular. Belarus is the last normal country in Europe (more normal than Russia, for sure).

Just think about the ages of the population. Do you think a bunch of people in their 50s and up who grew up in the USSR are going to be voting for a CIA shill? Does that make sense to anyone, at all?

And why would young people who are not homosexuals vote for the CIA? It’s not like the government of Belarus blocks them from having dance parties or something (in fact, they are having dance parties while the rest of the world is shut down due to the coronavirus hoax).

No one actually thought he was going to lose. They just hyped up this election so after it was over they could go nuts with drama.

I do wonder how much of this timing has to do with the fact that Lukashenko is not endorsing the lockdown hoax.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has secured a landslide election victory, according to preliminary results released by the Central Electoral Commission. The aftermath has been marred by anti-government protests.

Lukashenko won re-election with 80 percent of the vote, while the main opposition candidate, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, received nearly 10 percent of the ballots cast.

The preliminary results were released after massive protests broke out in Minsk and other cities during the night. Police used tear gas, water cannons, and other crowd control methods to disperse the demonstrators.

An official exit poll forecasted that Lukashenko would receive 81.35 percent of the vote. Tikhanovskaya was expected to get around eight percent. On Sunday, opposition supporters took to the streets in Minsk as well as some other cities across the country, including Gomel, Mogilev, and Vitebsk, claiming that the projected results were fraudulent.

Western-backed trash is rioting big time.

The shills are just stating outright, without evidence, that the election was “rigged” as they post these riot videos as if the rioters are big time heroes of democracy.

“Clear for everyone” he lost the election.



What is the evidence?

I’m so exhausted by this.

Some rioters are jumping underneath trucks, in fact.

The US State Department has an army of shills in the country, and they are going to use this election hoax to stage a Maidan.

Putin should roll the tanks in immediately.


How much is Russia willing to lose?

Pretty soon, there’s going to be nowhere left to run to.

Furthermore: the people voted, right?

What right do these homosexuals have to overthrow the government?

Someone should protect the will of the people, which was denied the people of the Ukraine.

Most importantly: I do not want a one-world government. If the east falls, that is what we are all going to get: a brutal, Jewish, homosexual, female government, turning all of our sons into trannies.