Belarus: Leader Calls Out Color Revolution, Wants to Work with Russia to Solve the Problem

Lukashenko is attempting to avoid an exact repeat of what happened in the Ukraine.

The mistake that the leader of the Ukraine made was to not coordinate with Russia, thinking he could take care of the situation himself.

Apparently, Lukashenko is not going to make that same mistake.

He’s openly calling these riots out as a Western hoax to overthrow the government, using the term “color revolution,” and asking Russia for help.


Mass anti-government protests in Belarus are actually a “color revolution” in action, and Russia may be the next target if the country fails to halt its progress, President Alexander Lukashenko has claimed.

Lukashenko, whose reelection for a sixth term last Sunday sparked mass protests over an alleged rigging of the vote, believes his detractors are unwitting agents of foreign puppeteers and need to be stopped.

“Don’t you lull us with [talk about] peaceful action and demonstrations. We can see what is happening deep down,” the Belarus leader said on Saturday at a government meeting, as cited by local media.

“We have read the guidelines on how to conduct color revolutions.”

The president added that he should talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin, because “this threat is not against Belarus alone.”

“…Defending Belarus today is nothing less than defending our entire space, the Union State [of Belarus and Russia], and an example for others… If Belarusians can’t stand, the wave will flow there.”

The proposed conversation with President Putin materialized later in the day. According to a Kremlin readout of the phone call, the two leaders expressed hope that Belarus’ ongoing problems “will be solved soon” and that “destructive forces” wouldn’t capitalize on them to hurt bilateral relations.

Well, I’m glad that it will be solved soon.

It’s confusing how you actually do solve this, other than by just shooting people in the street. You can shoot people in the street, but that creates bitterness and so on.

You can see some of this stuff in a simulation video game like “Tropico 6.” If you use too much force against protesters, it leads to more protests. You have to be aware of that if you’re running a country.

Killing protesters also gives people like Mike Pompeo all kinds of pretexts.

The easiest way to prevent something like this from happening in the first place is to not allow women to be involved in public society. As we’ve seen in Belarus, virtually all of the protesters are women and even when there are men, these men are following the women. Women are the ones who go on the internet and absorb all of the Western propaganda about revolution. They are always change agents in any society that allows them any kind of freedom.

From what I’ve seen in Belarus, the men are actually off of the streets now for the most part, and it is just almost all childless Millennial and Gen Z women remaining.

Clearly, it’s too late for Belarus to enact some kind of program to get these women pregnant and out of the schooling system. I would say they should have thought of this, but apparently no one could really predict what a generation of childless women would do to a society, and this phenomenon of childlessness just crept up on the whole world through birth control and abortion.

I don’t even know if I’d been a generation older and in my thirties in the early 1990s if I’d have been able to say, “if we allow a generation of women to go childless, they’ll rise up and try to destroy the nation out of spite.” I’d like to think I would have that kind of foresight, but this situation of armies of childless women is almost something that you have to see to understand.

To be fair, you’ve got a few soy-males out there, standing with English and Polish language signs and flowers and looking like utter faggots.

But as we’ve been over many times on this website, soy-males are a product of female liberation.

Women are at the heart of this, as they are at the heart of any attack on Western civilization.

I’m trying to think how I would deal with this situation if I was in the planning room.

Let me give it a shot here.

The first thing I would do is present evidence of the lines of influence on these protesters, show that they are backed directly by foreign powers, and portray them as traitors and servants of foreigners. I would run videos of gay pride events in the Ukraine, I would run videos of the Islamic invasions in Hungary, and say “they’re trying to bring this here.” Then I would get my own people organized to protest them. By any means necessary, I would get my own people out there, with priests and flags and young men looking sharp. The crowds of protesters being attacked by patriotic citizens looks a helluva lot better than protesters being attacked by cops.

I would make sure the patriotic citizens were well trained and ready to go – if you get my drift, wink, wink, wink. I would be running television shows nonstop saying “these people want to destroy the nation, they want gay sex and Islamic immigration, they are spoiled babies working for a foreign power.” I would run a special show about how women in Germany are dating Moslems, and say that this is why so many women are out there protesting – they dream of sex with brown foreigners they’re going to flood the country with.

These people are evil, they are working for evil, they are trying to create an evil reality in Belarus. It shouldn’t be difficult to demonstrate that.