Belarus: Democracy Riot Queers Get Hit with LIVE AMMO, BABY!



One person was shot as Belarusian police fired live rounds at a crowd in the city of Brest near the Polish border as protests continue to engulf the country after Sunday’s election.

A group of “aggressive” young men, armed with metal rods, assaulted law enforcers in the southern city overnight, a police spokeswoman said.

The officers fired warning shots in the air but when it failed to have an effect on the attackers, they shot to kill in order to “protect their own life and health.”

One person was injured in the incident, Olga Chemodanova confirmed, without expanding on their current condition.

There is nothing in the universe that brings more joy than hearing of “democracy” protesters getting shot in the streets by cops in black masks.

They probably aren’t actually trying to kill anyone. This is just a statement against the meddling West, which is literally trying to meddle in the Belarus election by claiming without evidence that it is “illegitimate.” They are just making this statement, baselessly, through all Western media.

Western governments are saying it.

There is zero evidence that there was anything wrong with the election, and it would have made zero sense if Alexander Lukashenko had lost.

Firstly, right off the top, very few people who grew up in the USSR are going to vote against him. So that’s automatically 90% of the vote from everyone over the age of 45, which is probably enough to win an election.

Then you have that a lot of young people in rural Russia are going to be conservative.

You end up in a situation where in actual fact, him only getting 80% of the vote doesn’t make very much sense. You’d expect him to get at least 88%.

What’s more, the opposition was literally a woman.

A woman can’t even win an election in the multicultural and anal cesspit of America, and we’re supposed to believe that this bitch secretly beat a popular leader in the most prosperous country in the former Soviet Union?

So the media, without giving any information at all about Belarus, is just making this claim, and they are stirring these sheeple up to riot against the government.

They deserve live ammo. Western shills are traitors and scum, and deserve to be shot in the head.