Belarus: Cops Attack, Mass Arrest Journalist Scum

Journalists are primarily just useful idiots – low IQ morons, failed creatives hopped up on Prozac and utopian ideology.

But I will tell you: there’s nothing that feels as good as seeing journalists get the shit beat out of them.


Over 20 journalists have reportedly been detained across Belarus while covering mass anti-government demonstrations. In the capital, rallies have been met with a strong police response.

People were gathering in the country’s capital, Minsk, for a procession called ‘The March of Pride’, which was scheduled to kick off at 2pm local time. Police soon began detaining protesters, multiple news outlets reported, with some saying that pepper spray and stun grenades were used.

News website TUT.BY said that plainclothes individuals were assisting riot police during clashes with activists.

Other videos posted on social media showed water cannons being deployed against the protesters.

Photos shared online showed that several people were injured.

With protests taking place all across the country, the local journalists’ association said that over 20 reporters, including some from Russia, have been detained by police.

Separately, Russia’s TASS news agency said that four of its reporters were taken to the police station. Two of them were released after officers had verified their IDs, but they were later detained again.

Today we heard that a bodyguard for a journalist threatened a man in Denver, then shot him to death after he was pepper-sprayed.

These people have done nothing but lie to us for decades on end.

But journalists expect us to feel bad for journalists.

Frankly, journalists are a kind of cult, much like Jews or homosexuals. They believe they are a priest class.

They’re destroying the world.

Journalists as a cult have worked together to silence anyone who attempts to give truthful information to the people. Both myself and Alex Jones, along with many others, were silenced by a conspiracy of journalists.

They deserve so much worse than water cannons.

I hope Belarus is going to be okay.