Belarus’ Alpha Move is Number One World News Story

I can’t say anything: sending a fighter jet to order a passenger plane to land so you can arrest a gay homo from Telegram is super alpha.

I wrote about it yesterday when it happened. There is no new news today, other than more whining. They are preparing their whiny narrative.

It’s interesting that this is actually a real event, so they don’t know immediately how to react to it. It will take 48 hours at least until they figure out what to do next, then it will take a while longer to really hit on a full narrative.

I expected RT to have some commentary up on it – but they don’t.

This is the biggest foreign affairs event since… you know, whatever. Iran Contra. And everyone is tight-lipped.

But there is this on RT:

The number one world question is simple: will China commit troops to defend Russia when ZOG strikes?

Vladimir Putin always seems confident.