Being Transgender is a Way to be Happy, Says BBC Show to Kids

It is very important to tell kids, right when they’re about to enter a moment in their lives where they’re desperate to build their identity, that there are over 100 genders and that being transgender is a way for people to be happy.

If we don’t do that, they may end up growing up like normal people, forming families and making babies.

Daily Mail:

A BBC programme aimed at nine- to 12-year-olds includes the astonishing claim that there are ‘over 100 gender identities’.

The film, ‘Identity – Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities’, is being offered on the corporation’s website as part of its relationships and sex education package.

It comes despite Government guidance published last year which advised schools to exercise caution when teaching children about gender issues.

The programme, which features children asking adults about sexuality and gender on behalf of their peers, suggests the different identities include ‘bi-gender’, ‘gender-queer’ and ‘pansexual’.

The film also tells children that becoming transgender is a way to be ‘happy’ while making no mention of the growing legal and medical concerns about the rising number of children saying they want to change gender.

One section of the film includes a pupil asking: ‘How many gender identities are there?’ It is answered by ‘Kate’, described as an RSE [Relationships and Sex Education] teacher, who tells two children: ‘There are so many gender identities. So we know we have got male and female, but there are over 100 if not more gender identities now.

‘Some people might feel that they are two different genders, people might think they are bi-gender. You have got some people who might call themselves ‘gender-queer’ – just like, I don’t want to be anything in particular, I just want to be me.’

If you’re unhappy, chances are that you’re not transgender, because mutilating your body and injecting yourself with hormones would make you happy.

It’s really like a real life trip to Never, Never Land.

This is all settled science, by the way, so don’t try to argue against it.

We know for a fact that there are over 100 genders and that kids need to be aware of this. Science dictates that kids aged 9 to 12 need to understand that they have the option to cut off their penises or breasts before they fully develop, and to jump into puberty blockers so that they can stop their normal biological development.

We’ve conducted some studies and came to the unanimous conclusion that this is what kids need.