Beijing to America: “Those Who Play with Fire Will Get Burned”

If the situation was explained to them, it is difficult to believe that one single American would give a fleck of shit about freedom for Taiwan, or Hong Kong, or the Moslems, or whoever the hell.

Yet, our government – run by the unpoppable zit Mike Pompeo – is intent on pushing us into a war with the Chinese under the guise of bringing them freedom.

And we have no ability to resist, because we the people have no voice.


Attempts to meddle with Taiwan, which Beijing considers its territory, may cost the US dearly, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. He advised its health chief to focus on the Covid-19 crisis at home instead of making foreign trips.

US Health Secretary Alex Azar landed in Taiwan on Sunday for a three-day trip, becoming the highest-ranking American official to visit the self-governed island, which has shown no desire in four decades to reunite with mainland China.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has condemned the visit and warned Washington against making advances towards Taiwan.

“On issues involving China’s core interests … the US must not harbor illusions. Those who play with fire will get burned.”

The trip came amid increasing tensions between Washington and Beijing, and was used by Azar to launch another attack on China. He blamed Beijing for not warning the international community about the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan at the end of last year, and refusing to cooperate with others in tackling the disease, thus allowing it to spread around the globe. Azar also suggested that if the initial Covid-19 outbreak had taken place in Taiwan or the US, it could’ve been “snuffed out easily.”

The Chinese spokesman denied US claims of poor handling of Covid-19 and expressed surprise that the US Health Secretary had decided to leave his country when the coronavirus is “out of control” there. The US has the worst situation with Covid-19 in the world, having already registered more than five million cases and over 164,000 deaths.

“He ignored millions of Americans suffering from the virus and went to Taiwan to put on a political show.”

Azar’s “behavior proves once again that, in the eyes of US politicians, American lives mean nothing when compared with their selfish political gains,” Zhao added.

China is mad.

The American people don’t even know China is mad.

The American people have their own problems, involving an insane virus hoax and a communist uprising.

But this is what our government is focused on.

It feels like they’re just trying to milk the Donald Trump presidency for whatever is left in it. They don’t care about Donald Trump. They don’t care how this looks. They will drag him through the mud as part of their bizarre agenda to start a war with the Chinese.