Beijing Biden Left a Tasty Snack for His Chinese Masters in Afghanistan (DOGS)

Beijing Biden sold our dogs down the Mekong as a snack for his slant-eyed commie chink masters in Beijing.

While conservatives are barking about how Joe Biden needs to bring in more and more and more Afghan refugees, faster and faster, there is silence about the dogs left behind.

It is obvious that Beijing Biden left these dogs as a snack for the Chinese who he works for and surrendered Afghanistan to so that they could invade the country and really control the world that way.

Many conservatives, such as those at Hoax Watch (racists and Jew-haters), claim that Joe Biden is controlled by a gang of globalist Jew criminals. However, if that were true, then why would he leave such a tasty snack for his Chinese masters?

John Kirby is covering for Shanghai Joe.

When we see tweets like that from Hong Kong Kirby, we need to start asking if even the Pentagon hasn’t been infiltrated by these slant-eyed commie rats.

We know that Mulan Miley is controlled by the Chi-Coms, hence his promotion of the communist ideology of critical race theory (invented by Mao Zedong).

Hey Miley, instead of investigating CRT, why don’t you try investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop?

You might be shocked at what you find there.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Hong Kong Kamala is also in bed with the Chi-Coms.

You know she got her job by sucking dick – well, with a Chinaman, it’s a small job. If you catch my drift.

The Chi-Coms released the coronavirus on us so they could use it to promote the communist doctrine of vaccine passports, and get us on the deadly vaccine.

That’s why they stole the election for Guangzhou Joe.

They hacked the Dominion voting machines through a backdoor so they could get their man Joe in there because they own him, and he goes ahead and puts Afghanistan right into their hands. Our boys fought for 20 years to keep freedom in Afghanistan, because that’s who we are. That’s our values and people died so those people could have freedom. Biden won’t even get our helpers out of the country and bring hundreds of thousands in as refugees before he hands it over to his boss, Xi Jinping the arch-communist.

Biden leaves his boss a tasty little snack to fry up on his Wuhan wok.

We’ve gotta get our country back from these Chinese Democrats, folks, or it will be our dogs next.

It’s time to send the troops back to Afghanistan and protect it from the Chinese Taliban.

(Note: This article is satire mocking people who claim that Joe Biden is controlled by the Chinese in order to push our problems out of this country onto people on the other side of the planet who have nothing to do with anything. America is controlled by Jews, and anyone who claims that America is controlled by the Chinese is lying to you on purpose to protect the Jews who control America by openly occupying all of the positions of power in the country. There is no need for a secret conspiracy here, folks. It’s all right there in front of you. Just like there was no need to talk about Dominion voting machines when the election was stolen right in front of you through mail-in ballots/ballot harvesting, and then shutting down the vote counting at 3 AM in all the remaining switch states, boarding up the windows, and literally bringing in boxes of new ballots. I think Mike Lindell is a recovering crackhead who means well, but we do need to ask about Sidney Powell, who served to completely distract from the thing that happened right in front of all of us on live TV and replace it with an invisible, secret thing. Tucker Carlson called her out for this at the time. Speaking of Tucker Carlson, he’s also promoted this dumb gibberish about China, but has started to back away from it, probably due to better writers coming on the show, and maybe just seeing that if Beijing Joe was controlled by Beijing, he wouldn’t be trying to start a war with Beijing and running a nonstop smear campaign against them. This entire obsession with the Chinese is really just a gross spiral of feminine impulses to turn away from fact-based reality in favor of comforting emotionalism. If the US government is secretly controlled by the Chinese, in a secret conspiracy, then there isn’t really anything we can do about it so we might as well just shut up and wear our masks.)