Behold: The Latest Attempt by the Jewsmedia to Faggotize White Men

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2017

On a scale from 1 to AIDS, how would you rate this picture?

For the longest time, there has been a concentrated kosher campaign to emasculate white men in order to undermine our authority as the rightful leaders of the West and transmute our Aryan potency (Vril) into a mushy estrogen/soy compound.

With enough pressure over time, the descendants of a warrior that fought alongside William the Conqueror can be transformed into a twig-armed twink cheerleading his own genetic annihilation.

As Anglin pointed out back in 2015, white men have largely been faggotized. Through various feminizing chemical additives snuck into our diets, large-scale social-engineering campaigns in the media and academia, and the nation-wrecking ideological terrorism of Judeo-feminism being superimposed over every aspect of modern life, far too many white men have been turned into soft shells of their former selves. Introduce these specimens into a highly materialistic liberal capitalist society and you get the type of self-involved effeminate eunuchs and small-souled bugmen that populate the West today.

“If only they could figure out a way to inject caff√® mocha, indie rock and NPR directly into my bloodstream. My postmodern ironic life would be complete.”

And since the social engineers and malevolent merchants have gotten away with pulling so many fast ones on our societies over the years, they’ve gotten cocky and begun upping the ante with the kind of emasculating hoops they’ll get white men to jump through.

First it was letting your woman out of the kitchen to go work for other men at some Jew-owned company, then it was letting your daughter date Tyrone, and now it’s convincing you that there’s nothing wrong with men wearing women’s clothing.

And in some cases, telling you it’s your noble duty to dress like a broad while your women are getting raped by Tyrone and Achmed (on your dime of course).

There have been all sorts of extremely faggy fashion trends that have been foisted upon straight white men in America over the years: bell bottoms, skinny jeans, man buns, the synthetically manufactured Madison Avenue “metrosexual” trend, etc.

This latest attempt of faggotry in fabric form will soon join the rest as blatant attempts to make us look like castrated clowns.


There’s a lot to thank the bros for in terms of modern menswear. They’ve brought us boat shoes and fleece vests. They’ve embraced body confidence in 5.25-inseam shorts. They’ve even made us rethink what it means to wear a classic gingham shirt. But today, in what might possibly be the bro-iest style move in all of bro style, a new brand launched on Kickstarter that might change the face of menswear: the RompHim.

So right off the bat, they’re trying to play up the masculine angle by using the term “bro” over and over again to try to distract you from the fact that if you wear this outfit, you’ll look like a complete peter-puffer.

Let’s continue.

No, it’s not a romper. It’s a romphim. Well, actually, it is a romper but it’s made for dudes. Let’s be clear here: We happily invite all people to wear whatever it is that makes them feel like themselves, gender labels be damned. But as a woman who is decidedly anti-romper of any sort, I’m not sure this is a train I’d recommend anybody hopping aboard.

And right there, the bubble-headed broad writing this drivel admits that these are indeed female clothes being marketed to men.

Christine Flammia (@tine_vogue), author of this witty and poignant fashion critique. #GoodPostureIsSexy

And even she wouldn’t wear the female version, as she condescendingly says “gender labels be damned.” Basically saying “Knock yourself out, faggot.”

How Jews want us to be: half negrified (backwards hat, spotless white sneakers) and half queerified (wearing a pastel onesie from grandma’s retirement wardrobe), isolated and alone, zoning out at a sportsball match at ZOGly Field with no escape from advertisements. Your own personal Hell brought to you by Applebee’s and Citibank.

Despite a lot of the responses being mocking in tone, this idiotic cuck costume has been inexplicably getting massive coverage, with CNN even saying that “everyone is suddenly talking about male rompers.”

The first CNN report in 6 months that isn’t fake news. People are actually talking about this. Of course, they’re talking about it because the media is talking about it, due to a viral marketing campaign which revolves around mocking it to make it ironically cool – but they are indeed talking about it.

Of course, they wheel out some sports Negro to try to convince you that if he’s wearing it, it must be manly.

They even make a bizarre claim that construction workers would wear these. The only explanation for this is that it’s another ruse to further demasculinize us, a shit test designed to determine which lemmings are suggestible enough to degrade themselves with this bizarre faggotry.

Despite the fact that the fashion industry is run by nose goblins and people with AIDS, there’s nothing effeminate about being a sharp dresser and having a sense of style. The Third Reich had Hugo Boss designing its uniforms, which are to this day universally regarded as some of the coolest uniforms of any era.

You’ve got to have style when you’re waging Total War against International Jewry.

And while dressing like that on a regular basis is not really feasible for us, aesthetics are important whether or not you care about them. The truth is that people are more willing to listen to you if you’re well put together and dressed like a man, not dressed like a a faggot or a teenager.

Looking at you, Anglin. This isn’t Russia and even if it was Russia, that would be Adidas, not Nike. Dress like an adult, not a 14-year-old hanging out in a 7/11 parking lot looking for a homeless man to buy you vodka.

When you’re out there spreading the word and representing our cause, do yourself a favor: dress like a white man. Not only will you stand out compared to the slobs and limp-wristed worms that too many whites have been turned into, but you’ll be doing justice to our message as well.

[Editor’s Note: I added the part making fun of me. Though I do encourage this among my writers. -AA]