Behind the Wire: Political Prisoner Lawrence Burns Writes From His Cell

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2017

“Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.’’
Richard Lovelace, 1642

‘Free speech’ today?  Its a farce that only fools believe in.

Britons who bow down to the increasingly tyrannical laws against free speech, and so fetter their minds, think themselves free, but all it means is that they are mental slaves and therefore not physically in a regime prison; whereas in point of fact British society is fast becoming one large open prison.  Patriots who cross the Rubicon by speaking their minds, falling foul of the liberal commissars and are thus sent to the 21st century gulags, are actually spiritually far freer than the slavish cowards and brainwashed bourgeoise on the outside.

Such a free spirit is Lawrence Burns whose speeches and facebook comments aimed only at Movement comrades have drawn the ire of the regime that rules the United Kingdom.

He endured a 2 week trial at Cambridge Crown Court in December which ended after the jury, which took a week to come to a decision found him unanimously guilty.

His morale remains high and he plans to appeal, but his expectations of success are slim.

Yet he remains defiant.

“I am guilty of nothing other than telling the truth.’’

He laughs at the likes of  David Icke et al who by maintaining that The International Conspiracy, that is destroying civilization, is led by shape shifting reptiles, aliens, Davos Capitalists, Freemasons, or Bankers, indeed anything but Jews, are rewarded by the same Conspiracy by not being punished and even given limited publicity.

He is certain Our Cause will be victorious – “ I know that when a government has to jail people for their opinions and words, that government is losing its grip on the people.  I will persevere to the end and never give up The Struggle, for I know that victory is nigh, I can smell it in the air.”

A poem written from his cell sums up his views.

The Outcast

There is no more hopeless a slave
Than a slave who believes he’s free,
Bound forever by mental chains
To serve his Destiny.

Prison or an early grave
Are the only choices of he
Who shall dare to liberate his mind
And take responsibility.

Those who stand up and speak out
Are mercilessly hunted down
By the tyrants and their servants
Who are everywhere around.

Wherever the outcast looks
No sympathy will be found,
All he will find for speaking his mind
Is a mob out to see him bound.

The outcast must by now decide
To submit to unjust law,
Or continue to fight for what is right
Against a system corrupt to the core.

A coward prefers the chains of comfort
To life outside this law,
To keep himself from strife
He remains a subservient whore.

Forgotten are the worthless lives of those
Whose freedom for peace they barter,
But forever lives on in story and song
An outcast who becomes a martyr.

Lawrence Burns, Political Dissident
28th December 2016
Peterborough Prison, England

His latest letter ends with – ‘’I swear to almighty God, that I will not let them break me, and if they do break me, may my soul burn in hell with the rest of the traitors and cowards!”

He is currently a remand prisoner, and is due to be sentenced on 30th January

Write to this brave young man, (remember letters will be censored in both directions, and illegible letters will not be allowed, so write in capitals if need be), and do not forget our other political prisoners worldwide.

Lawrence Burns A1796DX
HMP Peterborough
Saville Road