Bed & Breakfast App is Racist, Blacks Respond with Self-Segregation

Daily Stormer
June 9, 2016


Bobo here was denied a room because of the color of his skin

So there’s this app where people can rent a room in their house to strangers and cook for them in the morning. I guess it’s like the Uber of “bed and breakfast” type establishments. Turns out some people don’t want black strangers sleeping in their house. smh 2016

Anyway, after enough black tears have flowed, a few enterprising individuals of African persuasion have come up with the perfect solution: resegregation.

Tech Insider:

Airbnb’s motto — “Belong anywhere” — has become hard for many users to believe lately, since the company has gotten a lot of attention for the racist practices of some of its hosts. That’s why there are now two new rental sites dedicated to making safer spaces for black guests: Noirbnb and Noirebnb.

The two sites are similar in more than just name: Both are geared towards people of color, both were launched last Friday, and both offer little information on their sites other than the fact that they’ll open for business soon.

Yes, apps specifically for blacks is the perfect solution. At least, it would be, if it were not for one little problem: I doubt very much even blacks want other blacks sleeping in their houses.

But if they can get by this stumbling block, we’ll have a pretty cool situation. Whites will use Airbnb, blacks will use Noirbnb, and everyone is going to be happy. Well, except the black hosts who’ll get stabbed and robbed in their sleep. But that’s not our problem, now, is it?

Noirbnb was founded by rapper Stefan Grant, who was racially profiled while checking into his Airbnb rental in October 2015. Instead of enjoying the apartment he’d booked, he almost got booked by the police after neighbors reported what they thought was an attempted robbery.


Six months after Grant’s encounter, Rohan Gilkes, the founder of Noirebnb, faced similar discrimination. In a surprisingly cheery account of his experience on Medium, he explains that he was trying to rent a place in Idaho but was denied. He then asked a white friend to try booking the place, and his friend was immediately accepted.

Sounds like that host has a it’s head screwed on straight.

Since complaints like these began getting attention from the press, Airbnb has been more active about banning hosts who are reported to be discriminatory, and claims to be working on policy changes that will better address the issue.

Yeah, I’m sure forcing it’s customers to accept black criminals into their homes will be really good for their business model.

But Gilkes says the company was slow to acknowledge the problem.

“Airbnb waited a long time to respond to this, and actually ignored the #airbnbwhileblack hashtag,” he tells Tech Insider in an email. “I feel like they were trying to run out the clock and fix it, but they might have been better off being more transparent as they were working towards a solution.”

Black users still report that they face regular discrimination on the site. 

This guy looks like a total bro

Blacks don’t want to be around whites anymore than we want to be around them. Whenever they’re left to their own devices, blacks will segregate into their own neighborhoods, their own social circles and their own schools.

This “forced integration” nonsense is a ploy of the Jews, going against the interests and desires of both whites and blacks.