Because of Course: Conservatives Accuse Cory Booker of “Mansplaining” to Amy Double Names

Conservatives have been celebrating the nomination to the Supreme Court of Amy Coney Barrett, a woman with two surnames who adopted blacks and left her own children to raise themselves as she built a prolific career as a lawyer and university professor.

Now, following through on that, they’re embracing and confirming absurd, socially destructive fantasies to own the libs.

Fox News:

Critics piled on Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. over his conduct at the confirmation hearing of SCOTUS nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Barrett was repeatedly grilled by Democratic lawmakers over her past comments about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which another legal challenge to the Obama-era legislation is set to be heard by the Supreme Court just one week after the election.

Booker pressed Barrett if it’s “unreasonable for people to fear” that the ACA would be overturned with her on the bench following President Trump’s previous commitments to select appointees who would reverse its legality.

“Well Senator, I want to stress to you, Senator Booker, as I have stressed to some of your colleagues today that I am my own person,” Barrett responded. “Independent under Article Three. And I don’t take orders from the executive branch or the legislative branch-”

“I understand that,” Booker interrupted. “Can I restate my question because I don’t think you’re understanding it… I’m just asking you as an act of empathy, can you understand the fears exhibited by the people we put up?”

Yes, he asked her to commit an act of empathy.

That’s a lot more interesting and bizarre than the rude talking.

The Hill media reporter Joe Concha observed that Booker “interrupted Barrett 9 times in less than 20 minutes.”

However, other critics accused the former presidential candidate of “mansplaining” the female Trump appointee.

“Why did Corey Booker ask her a question, then interrupt her answer? #Mansplaining” RedState contributor Mickey White reacted.

Yes, of course someone from Red State said it.

Mickey White is a woman, by the way.

A big old woman.

And of course, Ian Miles Cheong said it.

This is so horrible, to confirm these concepts.

Remember when we did this with “racism”?

Do you remember where that ended up?

Let me refresh you: it ended up with millions of white conservatives celebrating a filthy Indian immigrant insulting our national heroes.

Conservatives seal clapped for this creature, who climbed up out of a sewer to suck the blood and treasure from our nation, as he defamed Andrew Jackson, one of the greatest Americans – one of the greatest men, period – who ever lived.

The grotesque street-shitter has called for schools named after Jackson to be renamed.

He didn’t comment on Antifa attacking the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square, but I’m sure he supported it.

The graffiti they sprayed at the base, reading “killer,” “racist scum” and “fuck white supremacy” is right out of a D’Souza book.

He’s publicly called for tearing down statues of FDR.

I’m not a huge fan of FDR, but his statue sure as hell shouldn’t be torn down, and I am just going to tell you this: that is something that is none of the business of genetic waste from the trash-riddled waste-swamps of India.

Obviously: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were a lot more “racist” than FDR, so D’Souza must support tearing down their statues. He believes in replacing our country’s entire history with a multicultural fantasy, and conservatives pay him money.

That creature Dinesh should never have been allowed in our country, and if he’d said these words from his shithole, it should have been cause for the sanction and potential bombing of India.

Instead, whites said, “you’re right brown man, our great national hero is evil, because he did racism.”

So, then: follow this conservative embrace of “mansplaining” to its logical conclusion: it ends with white conservatives clapping for some obese feminist whore claiming that actually, it was the evil Democrat Jimmy Carter who prevented partial birth abortion from being legalized in the 1970s.

Look at this tweet:

100 years ago, that would have been no less bizarre than if it had been this tweet:

Conservative public figures sure do talk a helluva lot about “our values” and how we’re “a nation of ideas” – but what are our values? And what are our ideas? (Of course, we know that they refer to abstract ideology, not actual concrete values or ideas.)

It’s no surprise at all to me that conservatives would embrace idiotic feminist tropes like “mansplaining,” given the way they went along with this “racism” hoax. These people do not have spines, and they do not know what they believe. They accepted the idea that ideology could replace Christian philosophy, and now they have zero idea what they themselves even believe.

We surrendered on race, to the point where Republicans now agree with Democrats that “racism” is the highest evil, and that our own heroes were evil.

If you surrender your moral order to your enemy, then what do you have left?