“Beaten Because I am White”

The New Observer
April 14, 2016

The Long Island, NY, Brentwood School District has been sued for refusing to transfer a white student to another school despite receiving evidence that he had been subjected to years of violent assaults and racial abuse by his fellow pupils who are nonwhite.

Former pupil, Giovanni Micheli, now 23, first sued the school district in 2010 when he was 17, but the case has only now finally appeared before the Brooklyn federal court.



In his opening statement, Micheli revealed that he had been singled out as a “minority” in Brentwood High School and then told by school officials to either “project more self-confidence” in order to stem the beating and berating—or leave.

Brentwood High School is a secondary school in Brentwood, New York. It is one of the largest high schools in New York State, on the southern shore of Suffolk County, Long Island.

Micheli, who attended the majority Hispanic and black Long Island high school, said he was targeted for punishment because he is white. He was punched, hit with a chair, and repeatedly called “cracker” and “white boy”—while administrators did nothing to protect him.

“Giovanni was a minority because he was Caucasian,” attorney Wayne Schaefer said in his opening statement. “This case is about discrimination against a minority student.

Our claim is that there was deliberate indifference because he was a Caucasian student complaining in a district where Caucasians are a minority.”

After his parents complained, school officials turned down the family’s request to have the increasingly depressed and withdrawn student moved to another district.

Schaefer said the parents were told, “If we do that for him, we would have to do that for all the white children.”

Eventually, Micheli was taken out of the school and placed under a home tutoring program. He and his parents want reimbursement for the costs of that tuition.

The New York Post is the only news outlet to have given any coverage to the case—and even then has downplayed its overtly anti-white aspects, giving equal prominence to defense claims that he was a “racist.”

The rest of the controlled media has completely ignored the story—in stark contrast to their behavior whenever there is any case in which whites can be blamed for allegedly attacking nonwhites.

In such cases, the controlled media gives wall-to-wall coverage of those events—all part of their inherent anti-white bias which always seeks to portray white people as “racist” and “wrong” no matter what the facts of the situation might be.