Beardson, Founder of the Thot Patrol, Addresses the Thot Wars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2017

This is a really important video.

Beardson is on the forefront of dealing with the thot issue.

No one else besides him and I will go hard on these dumb bitches.

You know why?

Because if you say this stuff, you get attacked mercilessly by an army of “white knights.” However, I have recently discovered that an extreme “white knight” on the DS forums was in fact a woman posing as a white knight to shame men. It is now believed that a large majority of white knights in the Alt-Right are in fact women pretending to be men in order to push their revolutionary agenda.

This is all part of a test.

They try to fish out the men who won’t go along with their bullshit.

Beardson recorded this video before the missile launch. Which I’m glad of. I’m glad to have something to write about today that isn’t related to the missile launch.

If you’re having a difficult time thinking about anything else, just try watching the above video. It’s very good and very engaging and it will get your mind on something else for a few minutes.