Be an Angel to a Starving E-Celeb

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

Tradwife e-celebs are on rough-riding straits.

These women are simply trying to get important traditionalist ideas to the masses, and they could literally starve.


Do you have any idea how much effort goes into making these videos?

You think that doing makeup and making two or even three 10 minute videos a week is easy?

Well how about this, buddy – how about the research that goes into it? How about the amount of critical thinking?

These tradtube vids aren’t just a hot pair of tommy-knockers doing some kind of half-assed recitation of garbled Jordan Peterson talking points – this is serious philosophy.

The closeted homosexuals who question the intentions of these selfless purveyors of absolute traditionalism want to say “OH IF YOU’RE TRAD THAN WHY AREN’T YOU MARRIED WITH CHILDREN????”

Are you kidding me? 

These poor girls are doing so much research and critical thinking that they barely have time to get fucked by random black men – there is no way they could fit having a family into their tortuous schedules of making videos about how important it is to preserve traditional families.


They don’t have enough money.

They need more and more and more money.

If those “blow it on my face” eyes don’t move your heart, I believe it must be made of stone.

Don’t remain silent any longer while this tragedy is allowed to continue.

Donate now, lest we lose the most important resource on the planet: tradwife e-celebs.