BBC, Wakanda Edition: Holy Water Don Kill 10 Pipo, Dey Spread Diarrhoea

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2018

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Authorities for Ethiopia dey blame holy water as di tin wey dey spread diarrhoea for di East African kontri and don kill at least 10 pipo.

Diarrhoea outbreak for Ethiopia northern Tigray region for di last two weeks don also nack 1,200 pipo wit sickness.

Ethiopia officials dey suspect say na dirty holy water wey pipo dey drink from church na im dey cause am.

Na for di main general hospital for di regional capital, Mekelle dem dey treat sick pipo.

Tori be say na from river around di area dem for dey bring di water come wey dey cari di disease.

On to say religion popular for Ethiopia, authorities dey try to dey careful to yarn anyhow but local goment dey work with religious leaders to stop to use holy water for now.

This is as good of a time as any to ask ourselves if BBC Pidgin was a mistake. By publishing this, the BBC seems to be tacitly acknowledging that Ethiopians, with an average IQ of 63, are incapable of grasping the conceptual range of English, and so they may as well just give up on trying to teach them to speak.

Might this be a little too pessimistic? I think they could learn simple English. They might not ever grasp abstract thought, but they could at least learn to read “people” instead of “pipo.” The existence of this service seems to accomplish nothing else but provide us with implicitly racist reflections of reality to laugh at. And, sure – it’s pretty funny.


If these “people” couldn’t even be made to speak simple English, what is the point of teaching them Christian rites? They’re clearly not going to get it, and they seem to not even get that you’re not supposed to drink the holy water.

You’re also supposed to dig a well instead of drinking river water, but that’s just typical Africa behavior.