BBC Viewers Blast Obese “Body-Positive Coach” for Claiming “Overweight” is an Offensive Word and That “Health Doesn’t Exist”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2019

It is late 2019 and we’re still using fascist words such as “overweight” and “obese.”

That’s how bad things are.

Who says what’s a “normal” weight and what isn’t? The fatties outnumber the so-called normal-weighted persons now in the West, which means that by definition, the “overweight” are normal, which in turn means that slim people are the freaks.


Checkmate, health apologist.

Daily Mail:

Furious viewers have blasted a ‘beyond stupid’ body-positive coach for claiming that words such as ‘obese’ and ‘overweight’ are ‘offensive’ and urging ‘fatties’ to ignore health issues on the BBC show Who Are You Calling Fat? 

Angry viewers have slammed the comments for glamourising obesity after one housemate on the reality show said health is a ‘social construct’.

Social media users were left fuming last night following the first episode of the programme.

They took to Twitter to brand one participant in particular irresponsible, after 35-year-old Victoria, from Northern Ireland, shocked others on the show with her body-positive remarks.

Victoria told a man brought in to reveal how his weight fuelled Type 2 diabetes that he was ‘food shaming’.

She told those who’d tuned into the show that ‘health doesn’t exist’ and dismissed it as determined by societal norms as opposed to science.

Quite a few people appear to be under the impression that being fat is somehow not to be celebrated as stunningly brave.

It’s likely that the police there will soon investigate such blatant displays of Twitter Nazism.

Check out this social construct below though.

Study Finds:

No one needs a scientific study or trip to the doctor to know that being overweight or obese is generally unhealthy, but a recent study has illustrated just how detrimental that excess weight can be. According to a study by Australian researchers at the George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney, young adults who are classified as obese are more likely to die up to 10 years earlier than those who aren’t obese in their 20s.

Taken as a whole, the study estimated that 36.3 million years of life will be lost over the lifetime of present-day Australia’s adult population due to excess weight and obesity. Men are expected to lose 27% more years of life expectancy on average than women.

I guess that the obese Victoria monster will say that death is also a social construct. After all, who says that being alive is preferable to being dead? That’s an aliveist and life supremacist position.

As shown by the Twitter mob complaining about her sayings, there’s still some room for openly opposing fatness.

But for how long?

How long until everyone is so fat that people forget what the human body looks like?

Are we heading towards a future full of deformed mutants?

I don’t want the beauty of the human body to be forgotten alongside the beauty of our lost civilization.

Fat shaming is a celebration of life.

The forces of Obesity are the forces of Evil. They are part of the army laying siege to Creation. Obesity is Infertility, and Infertility is Death.