BBC to Pull Patriotic Songs from Patriotic Event – They Might Offend the Blacks

A bygone era: Proms in 2012.

The great erasure of the white man continues.

What else are we willing to give to the blacks, asks ye?

Well. This.

Daily Mail:

British anthems Rule, Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory could be axed from the BBC Proms amid the Black Lives Matter movement, an insider has claimed.

The broadcaster is considering dropping the patriotic songs from the Last Night concert due to fears of criticism because of their apparent links to colonialism and slavery, the reported.

Dalia Stasevska, who is conducting the Last Night on September 12, is said to believe ‘a ceremony without an audience is the perfect moment to bring change.’

‘Dalia is a big supporter of Black Lives Matter,’ a source added.

Flag-waving crowds will be absent from London’s Royal Albert Hall during the 125th annual Last Night of the Proms concert due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The British should be attacking the Tories over this, not simply whining about the liberal BBC.

This whole process of whining about what the left is doing has failed. It was never a good strategy, but now we know it is a horrible strategy.

We need to go to the people who are responsible for defending our culture, the people who were elected to do that, and demand that they do their jobs.