BBC Sponsors Video of Two Talking Trashbags Teaching Brits How to be Tolerant of Burkas

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2017

Political correctness is intellectual castration. It is a tool designed to bring the White man down with cognitive kikery.

Which brings us to this video commissioned by the occupation government of the UK.

And the British taxpayer pays for this!


You want to know why the BBC pushes this garbage? It is because it is vitally important that anti-Whites appear to have the upper ground in terms of decency and intellectualism. It is funny to see those talking garbage bags say how they are actually Feminists underneath that tarp. Really, that’s what Feminism has become in the 21st century. It is the final logical conclusion of the movement: submission to the Semites.

That’s right. Feminist Islam. These bitches need to be put in cages.

But it won’t work. Anyone with half a brain is already starting to have serious misgivings about the PC conditioning.

Something about the Moon religion is so odd and un-European that it makes us shudder and cringe on a visceral level. Looking at those dark eyes peering out at you through a slit as they explain why you need to bin your White privilege, bigot! is simply too bizarre for even regular shitlib normies to stomach.

It’s like that cringe feeling you get when you see two homos walking down the street, hand in hand. It’s instinctual. The White man knows deep down that the Moon god is hostile and foreign to him and his.

We are the Children of the Sun. The Black Sun to be precise:


Meanwhile, (((they))) are turning up the gas, and boiling the water too fast. The frog might jump the pot if the cucks and kikes aren’t careful. Accelerationism will be our saving grace. Millennials and Generation Zyklon will have to choose:

The propaganda war is just beginning.

I say, let the Left keep pushing their craziness on everyone. We’ll be there to harness that discontent and throw it right back at them.

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