BBC Quiz: What was the Name of the Poem Read at Biden’s Inauguration?

The BBC weekly quiz had a really important question today, regarding the beautiful poem read by a young and brave BLACK female.

However, one of the potential options for an answer was particularly offensive.

By the way, the name of the incredibly beautiful and brave poem that the young lady read was “The Hill We Climb,” and it was about the struggle that BLACK people face in America, where there is systematic racism and people are always trying to hurt their feelings, while the cops are committing a genocide against them.

Amanda Gorman is beautiful and she is so brave, and including that answer in their quiz really is offensive and inappropriate. I am hereby calling on the BBC to apologize to this brave young woman for including this as one of their options.

Furthermore, I am also calling on the BBC, and the rest of the media, to capitalize all the letters in BLACK, when speaking of African-Americans. In 2020, during the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest movement, the media decided to capitalize the first letter in the word BLACK, but only capitalizing one letter in a five-letter word is like saying they are only 1/5th of a person.