BBC Producer Comes Forward and Admits Assad Gassing was Fake

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2018

I don’t know what possessed this guy to come forward and admit the truth, but it was very good of him to do so.


A BBC producer believes that scenes from a hospital in Syria’s Douma, which ignited a media frenzy in 2018 after showing children allegedly suffering from chemicals, were staged. But he says Assad did attack the town.

Emotive scenes of Syrian civilians, among them crying, choking, half-naked children, dominated the airwaves in April last year after rebel-affiliated mouthpieces reported yet another “chemical attack by the Assad regime” in the town of Douma. Disturbing reports, including some from the controversial White Helmets, claimed scores of people had been killed and injured.

Mainstream media quickly picked up the horrific (but unverified) videos from a Douma hospital, where victims were treated after this “poison attack.” That hospital scene was enough to assemble a UN emergency session and prompt the US-led ‘coalition of the willing’ to rain down dozens of missiles on Damascus and other locations. 

That was one of Ivanka’s finer moments if you remember.

She convinced her Boomer father to bomb the evil monster Assad because of “muh gassed babies.”

And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling Russians and their anti-missile systems.

Well, it turns out that Assad and the Russians were telling the truth all along and that the West and the Jews (but I repeat myself) were lying.

But Riam Dalati, a reputable BBC producer who has long reported from the Middle East, took the liberty of trying to sift through the fog of the Syrian war.

He believes Assad forces did attack the town, but that the much-publicized hospital scenes were staged.

“After almost 6 months of investigations, I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged. No fatalities occurred in the hospital.”

Anticipating further queries, he said no one from the White Helmets or opposition sources were present in Douma by the time the alleged attack had happened except for one person who was in Damascus.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is running a victory lap over this and also worried that something might happen to Riam for being so candid.

They’re saying that he’s going to be in deep shit for suddenly developing a conscience.

In all, Dalati is not a lone voice in the wilderness. The Intercept has recently run a story that also cast doubt on the mainstream coverage of Douma, although it doesn’t doubt that the attack itself happened. While a veteran British reporter Robert Fisk suggested there was no gas attack at all, saying people there were suffering from oxygen starvation. Witnesses of the “chemical attack,” for their part, told international investigators the story was a set-up.

Moscow, which supports Damascus in its fight against terrorists, has long stated the Douma incident was staged, calling for an international OPCW inquiry. Last year, the Defense Ministry presented what it said was proof the “provocation” was to trigger Western airstrikes against Syrian government forces.

Now the Foreign Ministry has suggested Dalati is being silenced for voicing inconvenient views, with spokeswoman Maria Zakharova asking on Facebook: “A telling story. How about Western advocates of rights and freedoms? Had they accused BBC of censorship and pressuring the journalist?”

Yes, please. More of this. Russia on the offensive in the information war, driving home their version of events and pulling a “ha-ha!” on their enemies. A sight for sore eyes, indeed.

I can just imagine how the higher-ups in the UK are seething over this news.

Soon, information will come out about how they pulled off the fake Salisbury chemical attack as well and tried to pin it on Russia.

But it won’t change anything.

At this point, the mask has come off and the governments in the West don’t even pretend to be motivated by anything other than Jew gold and hatred for White people. Even if the public finds out that they’ve been pulling false flag attacks to advance the agenda of the Jews, it will simply be too little too late – and no one will care, anyway.

The elite and all the institutions in the UK are just as compromised as in the US.

I think we all had hope that there were some of /ourguys/ hidden away in the Deep State. An old guard or something, waiting to spring into action and save the day once they knew that the will of the people was with them.

But this hope has proven to be unfounded for the most part.

Q Anon tall-tales about secret Patriot conspiracies to overthrow the Deep State have been utterly debunked at this point. Brexit is a farce. And no military/fireman/police/patriot coup has occurred in France in response to the Yellow Vests.

Time to wake up from these pleasant fantasies, frens. 

Furthermore, most Ukistanis are already sold on the idea of the Forever War with Russia.

So it seems that it’s only a matter of time at this point before someone starts lobbing missiles.