BBC Jew Harasses Holo-Denialist for Spreading Accurate Information About His Lampshade Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2020

If you’re going to deny the Holocaust, don’t add that Jews kill Christian babies.

I’m sure this was a very long interview, and it was cut up, but you have to know that when you go into these interviews, and not play into the scheme of the Jews.

Daily Mail:

David Baddiel struggled to contain his anger during a dramatic confrontation with a Holocaust denier, who accuses Jewish people of ‘hating Europeans’, ‘sacrificing Christian babies’ and ‘controlling the BBC’ in a new documentary.

The comedian, 55, from London, whose mother Sarah escaped to the UK from Nazi Germany as a newborn with her parents in 1939, explored the subject for Confronting Holocaust Denial, which aired on BBC2 on Monday night.

He met with with Irish Holocaust denier Dermot Mulqueen, a failed independent politician who describes himself as an ‘artist’, who charges for anti-Semitic songs on his website.

Dermot Mulqueen
David Baddiel

Mulqueen told David that Auschwitz ‘didn’t have gas chambers’, and claimed that Jewish people buying cars from German companies is proof the genocide didn’t happen.

David confessed that while he felt uncomfortable meeting with a Holocaust denier, he felt it was necessary in order to understand the phenomenon, and so chose Dermot, who had been in contact with him prior to the documentary.

After admitting that he would find it difficult to remain objective in the interview, David began his talk with Dermot by listening to the Holocaust denier claim that ‘the whole narrative’ around the genocide is false.

‘When you examine it like I have done, there were no homicidal gas chambers,’ said Dermot. 

‘There were 15 ovens, you can fit one or two maximum in at a time and it takes an hour to burn a body.  Okay? So it’s just not possible.’ 

David then told Dermot that he wasn’t interested in listening to tired rhetoric about Holocaust denial, insisting that ‘none of it is real’.

‘The fact that I’m denying the Holocaust, there’s this hatred, you hate Europeans’, said Dermot.

‘There’s this hatred the Jews have for Europeans, because we never saved them from gas chambers that never existed’.

‘Why would we hate Europeans for something that actually never happened?, questioned David.

David replied: ‘Because it’s profitable’.

The pair were then sucked into a heated debate, where Dermot claimed Auschwitz had ‘swimming pools and bakeries’ and told David ‘you control the BBC, do you accept that now?’

David replied: ‘If I controlled the BBC, I’d really be on it more.’

At least he sort of stuck to the gas chambers.

In actual fact, denying the Holocaust at all is not a good strategy.

No one know what the Holocaust is. A lot of people just think it means “camps and tattoos and people dying.”

If you’re going to deny the Holocaust, make it specifically about homicidal gas chambers, and point out there is no evidence of them having existed. That is a claim that they cannot refute.

If you say “the Holocaust didn’t happen,” they will just start talking about camps and tattoos and people dying.

Anyway, Dermot didn’t do horribly, and there really isn’t a way to win these things.

That’s the lesson: there’s no reason to get involved because you can’t win. If you do win, they just won’t ever use the interview.

Maybe someone will google the swimming pools. But I doubt that if you google “Auschwitz swimming pools” at this point, you get very many good results.