BBC Investigates Trump-Inspired White Supremacy Gangs You Have to Stab a Black Man to Join!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2019

The BBC has a new documentary film coming out which compares White Nationalists who support Donald Trump and oppose mass immigration and race replacement with neo-Nazi prison gangs.


In 2016, CCTV footage of a young black man, Larnell Bruce, being run over and killed by a man shocked America. His killer, Russell Courtier, was a member of a white supremacist gang.

Why do people join these gangs and what does it take to get in one? Journalist Mobeen Azhar travelled deep into the heart of America’s far right movement to find out.

Watch the two-part documentary ‘A Black and White killing: The Case that Shook America’, which covers the trial of Russell Courtier, on Sunday 25 August and Monday 26 August at 21:00, on BBC Two. It is will be available to watch on iPlayer soon after broadcast.

In the trailer for the documentary, you can see that they go visit a man in Oregon who is simply doing activism in support of white people, and then switch to prison gangs.

The host of the show is a Moslem. So we have to wonder if there would ever be a documentary that compares peaceful Moslems to terrorists.

Of course, there never would be such a documentary, and even if there was, it would not be accurate.

Because both peaceful and violent Moslems have the same goal of spreading their ideology. White activists and neo-Nazi prison gangs are only similar because they involve white people (though the head of the Aryan Brotherhood is actually Jewish and has a Star of David tattoo).

White activists are concerned about politics and the changing of our civilization. Neo-Nazi prison gangs are criminal gangs that are concerned about criminal enterprise. The reason that they are “white” and not multicultural prison gangs is that in prison, everything is divided by race, naturally. So when white people get involved in a gang in prison, it is necessarily a white prison gang.

There is no other connection, other than that manufactured by the media.

Fed type groups try to create a false connection between white political activism and prison gangs by encouraging groups such as the NSM, which adopt aspects of the prison gang aesthetic. But even the fed-run NSM is not literally connected to white prison gangs, they just use the aesthetic so as to increase the validity of the Jewish smear.

Aryan prison gangs are involved in drug trafficking, murder for hire and all kinds of other things that anyone who is a pro-white political activist would be opposed to.

Making this connection is sickening fake news, and if anyone was given a chance to push back on this narrative that the BBC has constructed, it would immediately fall apart.