BBC Forced to Admit Non-Whites Cost Britain £95Billion in 15 Years

Daily Stormer
January 28, 2014

Just the cost of schooling for 20 years is double the BBC’s figure.

The media’s mantra is that “immigrants are good for the economy.”  Obviously, this is an idiotic lie, as we can look around and see that all these people do, for the most part, is sit around on welfare and commit crimes – especially the second generation.

Finally, the BBC has admitted that they’ve been lying to us, and we should have gone ahead and believed our own eyes.

Some of the costs they probably didn’t bother to include.

It’s worse than we xenophobic haters had supposed.

So, from the BBC:

Now the initial furore about Romanian and Bulgarian people being allowed to work in the UK has subsided, what does a more detailed look at immigration statistics tell us about the benefits, or otherwise, of welcoming overseas citizens? The picture is mixed.


And that is, that if you look at the figures for the whole of the period under study, 1995-2011, immigration has been a drain on the public purse.

To the tune of about £95bn.


It’s because these figures include all immigrants living in the UK at that time – so, not just recent arrivals, but people who’d been in the UK for, in some cases, decades.

Oh, but some immigrants are better than others.

“EEA” means “European Economic Area” – so, White people.

To make sense of the numbers, it helps to break them down a little – to divide the net contribution to the public purse by the number of people in each group under study.

When we do that, we see that between 1995-2011, on average each EEA immigrant put about £6,000 more into the public purse than they took out.

Non-EEA immigrants each took out about £21,000 more than they put in during that period.

And this group is the biggest – non-EEA immigrants make up two thirds of the UK immigrant population. So both groups of immigrants – EEA and non-EEA – considered together, take out around £14,000 more than they put in, amounting to a deficit of around £95bn for the public purse between 1995-2011.


So to conclude, on average only Europeans are putting in more to the UK public purse than they’re taking out. At least that was the case between 1995 and 2011.

Percentage of Non-Whites doing nothing but sucking the blood of the British people.

The article even goes on to tell us two of the three groups who benefit from the flood.

Two groups are generally believed to be clear beneficiaries of immigration – the immigrants themselves, who move from poor countries to ones where more opportunities are on offer, and the employers of cheap labour.

The third group, as you all know, is the most evil of races, who brought them into our countries in the first place, to weaken the fabric of Aryan society.