BBC Fires Award-Winning White Male Comedian for Being White and Male

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2016

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Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen anyone be openly and publicly fired for the explicit reason that he is a White male.

This is, of course, the new standard.

And get this: the guy is 5’4″ – meaning he is himself a part of an IRL discriminated minority. That is like, really, really short. I’m 5’7″, and am often the shortest guy in the room. 5’4″ is bordering on midget-size.

In fact, I’m not so sure it wasn’t heightism that got him fired.

No, j/k. He was definitely fired because he’s White.

Daily Mail:

The BBC was at the centre of a damaging diversity row last night after one of its top radio stars was sacked for being ‘white and male’.

Bafta award-winning comedian Jon Holmes was axed from The Now Show – the hit Radio 4 programme he has appeared on for 18 years – when bosses told him ‘we’re recasting it with more women and diversity’.

Last night, leading figures from the world of entertainment and across the political spectrum reacted with fury to the BBC instigating a policy in which it was now choosing performers based on their gender or skin colour, instead of their talent.

You can’t choose people on talent and have diversity, or all you’re going to have is a bunch of White males.

They are literally the best at everything other than basketball.


And really, this is just the natural evolution of affirmative action policies in general. Firing someone for being White isn’t qualitatively different than not hiring someone for being White.

Mr Holmes revealed that since his sacking he has heard from other stars who have been rejected by broadcasting bosses because of ‘positive discrimination’. He told how one woman presenter was given a job only later to be told ‘we can’t have you, because you are too white and middle class’.

See that, women.

You thought you could ally with these monkeys against your own men.

But who did you think was next in line?

Another performer was considered ‘perfect’ for a role but could not be employed because bosses had been told to cast someone Asian, he said.

In an article for The Mail on Sunday, below, Mr Holmes said he accepted the need for diversity but asked: ‘Should I, as a white man (through no fault of my own), be fired from my job because I am a white man?’

Damningly for the BBC, he revealed that even bosses responsible for setting up the Corporation’s diversity policies had got in touch with him to say that political correctness ‘had all got out of hand’.

One executive admitted: ‘It was never about sacking people who already do the job and simply replacing them to tick a box.’

Mr Holmes has been a writer and performer on The Now Show since it was first broadcast in 1997. The programme, with a weekly audience of two million, is presented by Outnumbered’s Hugh Dennis with his comedy partner Steve Punt.

Mr Holmes, 47, was left stunned by the phone call a few days ago from a female producer who told him in an ‘awkward conversation’ that he was being sacked. He said: ‘She said, ‘I’m afraid for the next series we are not inviting you back’.’

The Jewish-Marxist program has the goal of ending all life on planet earth. After White men are gone, then White women are gone, you’re going to have the Jews agitating for Blacks to rise up against Mexicans and Arabs. Eventually, if they have their way, they’ll end up getting Australian Abos to rise up against Blacks.

Egalitarianism is always going to be a race to the bottom. There is nothing else the term can even mean.

Our own White idea was that of meritocracy, where those most fit to serve a given to serve. This brings up the quality of the people.

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