BBC Calls for More Facebook Censorship (Because Virus)

When I saw this headline:

I thought it was going to be about how people are obsessed with Facebook and use it all the time and it causes mental problems.

But no.

It’s another call for more censorship.

The real virus is people being able to speak freely.


Health misinformation on Facebook was viewed 3.8 billion times in the past year, peaking during the Covid-19 crisis, a report suggests.

Activist group Avaaz, which conducted the research, said Facebook posed a “major threat” to public health.

Doctors added false claims about vaccines on the social network could limit the numbers prepared to have a Covid jab if one became available.

Facebook said the findings did “not reflect the steps we’ve taken”

In a statement the firm said: “We share Avaaz’s goal of limiting misinformation. Thanks to our global network of fact-checkers, from April to June, we applied warning labels to 98 million pieces of Covid-19 misinformation and removed seven million pieces of content that could lead to imminent harm.

“We’ve directed over two billion people to resources from health authorities and when someone tries to share a link about Covid-19, we show them a pop-up to connect them with credible health information.”

If people are really this stupid, then why are they allowed to vote?

Seriously – if people cannot be trusted to not drink bleach because of something they read on Facebook, how can we trust them to decide who runs the country?

Both things cannot be true:

  1. People are too stupid to have access to free information
  2. People are self-actualized and enlightened individuals who can totally decide the path of societies

Of course, we understand that democracy isn’t really a system of “government by the people,” because in fact, people are stupid enough to drink bleach because they saw it on Facebook. Thus, democracy is “rule by the media.” The people are very easily influenced, and they will vote how the media tells them to vote.

The reason there are all of these calls for censorship is that social media pushed into the power of the media and it got Donald Trump elected president. The calls for censorship “for people’s own good” are an admission of how suggestible people are, and an admission that democracy means “rule by media.”

What is this “Avaaz” organization that has come up with this clever new way to demand censorship? 

Let’s see here…

Patel, huh?

Must be an Indian…