BBC: “British-Iraqi Queer Moslem” Explains That Reality Doesn’t Exist, Because Physics

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2018

It’s about time someone explained the transgender phenomenon in light of quantum physics – the state-funded British Broadcasting Channel finally got around to it.


There’s certainly a lot to unpack here.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Firstly, I would like to thank all of our British readers for paying their TV licenses.

This is some top quality… uhh…

Well, I’m not sure what this is, exactly.

But, whatever this is, it’s certainly some top quality stuff – and if it weren’t for you guys paying for it, it wouldn’t have been possible.

So, keep working hard, goys, and pay those loicenses. The whole world needs to know about how reality literally doesn’t exist, and therefore anyone can be anything, or multiple contradictory things, or nothing – or all of those things, all at the same time.

If you don’t like what we tell you to believe, we’ll kill you.

The Alternative Timelines of Gay Moslems

According to the Quantum-Rooftop Theory of Reality, if a gay Moslem is gay in a Moslem-majority country, Sharia Law is imposed on the population, and the sodomite is thrown off of a rooftop.

Alternatively, if it is gay in a normal Christian society, it is assumed that it was practicing Witchcraft, and that it was seduced and possessed by a lust daemon.

It is then judged and sentenced according to the ancient wisdom of the Hammer of Witches, which recommends burning.

On the other hand, if it decides to be gay in neo-liberal Clown World, it is neither thrown off of a rooftop nor burned at the sake, but it dies of AIDS.

However, if Clown World invents medications to keep it from getting AIDS, or to make AIDS survivable, it eventually hits the wall, the same way that childless women in their late twenties hit the wall, except worse, because both men and their own families, no matter how compassionate they try to be, tend realize that they are genetic dead-ends and be repulsed by them.

They end up alone, realize their own purposelessness, and generally kill themselves.

The number would be higher if you factored in their drug overdose death rate.

So, as you can see, they’re in a pretty tough spot.

Although the same event may appear to take multiple, divergent courses, it arrives at the same conclusion. The outcome is singular. Sodomites are fated to die, but Reality is flexible about how to kill them.

Philosophical Reality

The work of physics cannot begin until the work of logic is concluded. A philosophical framework which explains the self, and explains the relation of the self to experience, must be established before we can explain the relation between experience and experience, which is the work of physics.

From philosophy, I can determine that I exist, because I experience reality. Reality is therefore determined – the statement “I exist” is true, the statement “I do not exist” is false, and therefore, Truth and falsehood also exist.

From this, I can infer that there are true and untrue statements in physics, and what appear to be contradictions are not from the lack of objective reality, but from our lack of understanding it.

Physical Reality

I’m not a big expert on particle physics, so I might just paste the most autistic effortpost from the forums into this article.

For the autists though, I will just say this – a cat cannot both be alive and dead. That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever encountered. It’s basically a denial of external reality, like saying “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, it has both fallen and not fallen.”

I am alive, and not dead, and this deterministic quality of my own state can be supposed about cats.

This is all basically my opinion and you should read about it yourself.

I think that what seems to be going on with Quantum Physics is not so much something about subatomic particles, but the observation that matter is an emergent property of energy.

Energy propagates itself in a straight line, however, space itself tends to warp into closed circuits. This appears to be what’s going on with the orbit of planets – they are traveling in straight lines, according to the principle of inertia. However, space in large scales does not work in the same way we experience it at this scale. While the vector of an orbiting object is a straight line, it is going through space, and the space is bent into a closed circuit.

From another point of view, outside this closed circuit, the object appears to be moving in a circle, but it is actually going straight through space which is bent into a circle.

This appears to be a paradox, but it isn’t – things just work that way, I think.

The issue isn’t even that Newtonian Physics doesn’t work at all scales, but that Euclidean Geometry doesn’t work at all scales. That doesn’t mean that they’re wrong – they just make postulations which describe our level of reality, but which do not hold up when things get very small, or very large.

That seems to be what is going on with particles – they are energy fields, whose weight causes a small, self-contained spherical distortion in space-time. Within their own circuit, their energy is propagating endlessly forward, however, from our perspective, it is contained into a sphere. Since it has attractive, repulsive and harmonic interactions with other energy fields, it appears to be solid and can be described as matter.

It’s not really confusing for one electron to take simultaneous divergent paths through a structure. Their behavior conforms more closely to the properties of waves than those of matter in many circumstances. They are at a curious level of mass where both descriptions can be useful, and that’s why they seem confusing to people, because they are parked at the intersection between two different theoretical treatments of our one reality.

Trannies still die though, one way or another.

If anyone ever doubts that reality is real and physics leads to determined outcomes, they should be thrown off of a rooftop. According to their own theory, no one knows what will happen.

Let’s find out!