BBC Blame Whites for Roma Gypsies Being Unemployable and Unhygienic

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2014

An estimated 3,700 Roma people have already invaded Rotherham, according to the council.

The BBC are desperate to get people to feel sorry for the Roma and make White people accept responsibility for their problems:


BBC Inside Out reporter Kate Bradbrook travelled from Rotherham to Slovakia to meet the people desperate to move to Yorkshire, to escape grinding poverty and overcrowded conditions in their home country.

Among the terraced streets and suburban sprawl of Ferham, a suburb of Rotherham, there is a growing population of Roma Slovak migrants.

It is a similar picture in the Page Hall area of Sheffield, and in Hexthorpe just outside Doncaster.

Many adapt well to their new home, but others – according to residents -bring with them behaviours which are often unacceptable to their neighbours.

Making noise late at night as they gather “socially” on the streets after dark, and leaving piles of litter on the pavements are two common complaints.

Peter Kotlar is originally from Slovakia but has lived in the UK for more than 10 years. He works as a Special Constable in Ferham along with his Rotherham-born colleague Joe Tapley. Theirs is a unique partnership, utilising Peter’s Roma and Slovak language skills, and Joe’s life-long knowledge of the town.

Because employing the criminals as Police has always been the best way to prevent crime hasn’t it?

Peter is taking Joe on a journey back to the village where he grew up, in Pavlovce nad Uhom, eastern Slovakia, close to the Ukrainian border.

It will be far more than just a holiday, as Joe will see where many Roma now living in Rotherham have come from.

We fly to Kosice, and drive to the Michelovce province, an hour away. One of the first things we notice is the breathtaking scenery, mountains, lakes and pretty churches.

It is only when we drive deeper into Peter’s homeland that we begin to understand that the Roma people often live in separate, segregated townships.

Peter’s family are relatively wealthy compared to many of their neighbours. His grandparents’ house is large and well-decorated.

Of course they are wealthy and live in a rich house, all the money he earns in Britain gets sent straight out of the country to them.

The Roma live in segregated townships in Slovakia for a reason.

A few houses away, people live a much more primitive existence, in buildings lacking windows and doors, and with no electricity or water. It’s a big shock for me but also for Joe.

This is how the council estates they are being housed in at Britain are going to end up looking, so get used to it now Mr White Policeman.

One family allowed us to film inside their home.

Ten people shared two small rooms, sleeping on sofas and floors and collecting their water from a well outside.

Some of the children and adults appeared to have medical problems, such as eye infections.

What a surprise. The filth and their defective DNA has caused them to have more illnesses than White people.

They told us they struggled to make ends meet as it was difficult to find work because of racial discrimination, due to their Roma background.

It must be the White man’s fault, because these defective degenerates are so obviously exactly the same as us, they have arms, legs and faces look!

Many of their neighbours have already moved to South Yorkshire to give their children a “better” life. They only return home during the summer holidays. Many more, they told us, hope to follow them in the future.

Here we go, the ‘better life’ meme. Yes, Im sure many of them do hope to follow in the future. They would be stupid not to when diversity quotas will ensure they can become Police Officers in Britain when they get there.

While we were inside Peter’s grandparents’ house, neighbours gathered on the street.

It is part of the “outdoor” culture for the Roma, Peter told us – a way of socialising with friends and family.

Because the inside of the home is so unhealthy and stinking, that they have to sit around outside like the animals that they are.

All their litter just gets thrown outside their living space.