BBC Attempting to Prove Russia Did the Yellow Vests

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2018

I’m surprised it took this long for “Russia did Yellow Vests” to become the main narrative.

I guess that when you have 70% of the people supporting a movement, to claim they are all Russian stooges is something that has to be a last-ditch effort.

Because it’s kinda like “well, if Russia is that powerful, maybe they just deserve to rule the world after all?”


The BBC is desperate in its quest to ‘find’ the dreaded Kremlin hand behind the French protests, messages obtained by Russian media indicate. They reveal attempts by one of its journalists to find any trace of Russian involvement.

A series of screenshots, purporting to show a conversation between BBC Russia journalist Olga Ivshina and a stringer working in France, was published by RIA Novosti on Sunday.

In it, the journalist first asks about Moscow’s general involvement in the protests, but the stringer replied that no Russians were actually seen during the demonstrations. Ivshina, however, did not give up, since uncovering even the slightest Russian involvement would apparently do the trick. The journalist was bursting with ideas, one of the screenshots suggests.

“And maybe some Russian business is making big bucks on it?”

“Maybe they are eating cutlets out there en masse, for example?”

“Or maybe the far-right are the main troublemakers?”

The reluctance of the stringer to embark on the Russian link-finding quest made Ivshina reveal that the obsession was not her own, but rather was a part of the editorial policy.

“Yes, I’m searching for the angles))) The editorial board wants blood, yo)))” – another screengrab reads.

When asked to comment, the BBC told RT it was “perfectly reasonable for our correspondent to raise the subject” of alleged Russian involvement. The broadcaster also pointed out that the finished report did not actually mention a “possible connection with Russia at all.”

The report on the questionable practices of the BBC has caught the eye of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, which vowed to raise the issue with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). As well as this, the ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on the British public to go and judge for themselves the actions of the broadcaster.

“It’s Britain in particular, where Russian media, broadcasters are repeatedly accused of producing propaganda,”Zakharova said, adding that no real facts to back up the claims are produced, the accusers routinely appeal to the “voice of society.”

“British society is allegedly writing complaints to Ofcom –the media watchdog– and it has to react, blaming our media, our journalists for some sort of unprofessional behavior,” she added. “I have a question for those British media regulators and society, how can they evaluate an inventory of facts compiled by the employees of their broadcasters?”

I would personally love to hear that the Russians were behind this.

However, from everything I’ve seen, the Russians are much too timid to take this kind of initiative.

They tend to be very shy about such things.

Furthermore, if the memes that Mueller has produced as having been posted by Russians are real, then they are very bad at memes.

But this is the standard thing now: “our people are too stupid to have any kind of agency, so everything they do must be the fault of the Russians.”

Donald Trump was elected by Russians, Brexit was done by Russians, anyone opposed to weather taxes or the corrupt faggot Macron is a Russian stooge.

No one in the world has any agency at all, every action they take is a result of Russian mind-control.