Battlefield 5 to Feature Skanks on the Front Lines of WW2

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2018

Nobody could have seen this coming.

After pushing the absurd notion that nig nogs fought for the German army during WW1, it was inevitable that DICE would have to step up their game for the next installment of the Battlefield franchise.

And while DICE (or more accurately, their evil kike publisher Electronic Arts, which enlists Swede mercenaries to peddle their poz) could have made their Black-washing of WW1 somewhat plausible by making the negro soldiers shoot their guns sideways while doing drive-bys in jeeps, this newest travesty is just ridiculous beyond all reasoning.

That’s right, the new narrative is now that skanks were fighting on the frontlines of WW2.

They’re even pushing this shit in all the promotional art, smdh.


There are women in Battlefield V, a game set during the Second World War. They’re in the game, they’re in the trailer, they’re even on the posters! And a lot of people are very upset. Is this what their forefathers fought for?

Good question.

Did the men who fought and died in World War 2 realize that their exploits would later be attributed to niggers and uppity women?

I guess they didn’t mention that part in boot camp, huh?

To recap, in case your job is blessed and does not require you to monitor the worst of websites like Reddit and Twitter, some folks are angry that their favourite violent multiplayer shooter, which has never been based on anything approaching historical accuracy, now has historically inaccurate portrayals of women and a black man fighting—with guns!—in the Second World War.

Oh, so Kotaku is surprised that normal people are pissed at this?

Let me explain it for you faggots.

Young White men are having their entire lives destroyed by women on a daily basis, with their only means of coping with this hellish world being escapism into video games, where their normal male function of waging war can at least be experienced in simulated form.

And now, these same filthy skanks are being shoved into these video games to ruin their lives there as well.

Surprise, boys! I’ve decided to grant you the pleasure of my presence in your formerly male-exclusive space!

But of course, Kotaku faggots aren’t actually surprised by this – they’re gloating, because they hate the White race.

And also, probably because they have some sick fetish about being dominated by women or whatever.

Who is this supposed to appeal to, if not deranged sex perverts?

It’s tiring to have to face this year after year, so it’s almost not even worth pointing out—like the guy at the bottom there tries—that women served in armed forces across the world during the conflict. Mostly as support personnel, yes, but there were also examples—in the Soviet Union especially—where they served on the frontlines, both on the ground and in the air.

These kinds of ridiculous excuses are always trotted out when the Kikes commit historical travesties in the name of empowering worthless minorities.

“Oh, the soviets sent women on the battlefield.”

Yeah, they also sent in soldiers to the front lines without guns with instructions to “take them from fallen soldiers.” They also used POWs to clear out minefields. They didn’t send women out because they thought they’d be effective soldiers, they were just throwing everything they had at Germany, pulling all the stops.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of female soldiers, I’d say.

While sending presumably ugly women onto the battlefield to serve as bullet-absorbers is a possibly pretty lulzy strat by the trollmaster Stalin, it doesn’t exactly translate into “Lagertha the Shield Maiden IRL.”

This is not real, faggot. “Vikings” is a femdom porno fantasy almost as extreme as shoe0nhead’s YouTube channel. 

Even considering all that, the total number of female Soviet infantry soldiers is around 2,500. As far as I know, Soviets were the only ones using women as infantry. The total number of Soviet soldiers fighting in WW2 is around 34 million. There aren’t any solid numbers for the total number of soldiers fighting in the war, but the estimates I could find range from 300 million to over 700 million.

In other words, less than 0.00001% of the people fighting in that war were female infantry.

But you know, what’s the difference between 0.00001% and, like, 25%?

Women aren’t even interested in going out to fight in wars, for the most part.

The only point of this Jew garbage is to attack and demoralize White men, to reinforce the point that Whites never did anything worthwhile and make sure that no exclusively male spaces exist anywhere, even throughout history.

No matter how good the gameplay of this new game happens to be (and my hopes aren’t high on that front after EA’s Battlefront II fiasco), I’m not going to be playing this garbage.