Battle of New Orleans Set to Heat Up This Sunday!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017

Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South and other groups will be standing up for Southern heritage against New Orleans ISIS, led by the Jewish financed Mayor Landrieu.

White people have made Southern monuments targeted for destruction a flashpoint of a disenfranchised people’s struggle after a wealthy “mysterious donor” decided he would use his money to get the state to destroy them.

This “mysterious donor” has made sure to stay anonymous. There is speculation that the money-man is a Jew, since any rich white liberal would want everyone to know what a great crusader against racism they are.

This is coinciding with a number of rallies.

People are mobilizing.

And the people are going to win against the anti-white forces of occupied Louisiana.

The Times-Picayune:

Demonstrators waved Confederate flags outside the Louisiana State Capitol on Thursday (May 4) in protest of New Orleans’ contentious decision to remove four monuments in the city representing the Confederacy and in support of three bills before the Legislature that aim to protect them.

Most demonstrators waved various Confederate and American flags and hailed from Louisiana, including Prairieville, Marksville, Opelousas, Jennings, Oak Grove, Morehouse Parish and Monroe. A couple were from Texas.

Amanda Jennings from West Monroe was one of the demonstrators wearing a Confederate baseball cap and a large, matching flag. She said she was physically attacked earlier this week when protesting at the monument of Confederate president Jefferson Davis.

“We were completely peaceful and had been the entire time,” Jennings said. “We’re way outnumbered.”

Jennings said college students, who she termed “terrorists,” harassed her and her fellow demonstrators. After that, “paid agitators” pushed her and threw full soda cans at her group. “It’s very organized,” she said.

The local political and financial establishment has recruited Judeo-Communist useful idiots from Black Lives Matter and Tim Wise’s alma mater, 27% Jewish Tulane University, to violently attack peaceful protesters trying to protect important relics of American history. Even a Based Black Guy ally to the white resistance was beaten up by Mayor Landrieu’s lackeys.

The brave defenders need back up, as the government has brought the Anarcuck Antifa out in full force. Here is an image of them trying to bust demonstrations in a military CUCKTRUCK:

A non-sectarian gathering of forces is required to protect the protest, so if you’re in the area or have a way to get there, go and stand up for what’s right.

One Cuckfederate group has been counter-signaling people like David Duke, who is active and aiding the protests. These tepid conservatives don’t speak for the protesters and should be ignored.




Hail Victory!