Battle of New Orleans! [UPDATE: Oathkeepers Sided with Antifa Against Southerners]

Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

Final Update (for today):

We’re going to have to figure out what happened tomorrow, but the thing is over, and apparently the Otherkeepers came from California to fight alongside Antifa against Southerners.

Hunter Wallace was there, and I’m sure he’ll write an article tomorrow (I’ll post it here).

Captain America Tin Man is I guess a guy trying to make a career out of these events like Based Stickman AKA Based Elliot Roger Babyman did.

Here are his latest tweets:

I don’t know anything else besides this.

There is some stuff on some antifa twitter pages.

Mike Tokes was there with Oathkeepers trying to bring down southerners.

I guess Baked Alaska was also on his side.

Here’s a video they recorded together in March denouncing racism and anti-Semitism.

It’s not clear to me how you can be against “racism” and also support American heritage and history.

This is all very weird.

Like I say, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow for details on all of this goings on.

Original stuff below.

Live streams:


Hunter Wallace, who is on the ground, is reporting that “Alt-Lite” people are siding with antifa and attacking defenders of Southern heritage.


And seriously, I’m sure it is true. Hunter isn’t just making this up.

The Alt-Lite/Patriots apparently came to this event to side with Antifa.

Or you know, there’s fog of war happening, but something along those lines is occurring.

I blame Gavin McInnes and his kike puppet-master Ezra Levant.


Looks like a stand off between both sides with the police in between. Judging from the footage, it appears as if the anti-fascist side bused in hundreds of people for this fiasco. Seems to be the usual combination of non-Whites, feminists, mudsharks, beta males and homosexuals present on the anti-fascist side.


Police have just erected barricades between the monument supporters and the anti-fascist terrorists at the Robert E. Lee memorial. It looks likes the Robert E. Lee memorial will be ground zero for this confrontation. Anti-fascists are yelling the usual nonsense at our people.


Looks like things are about to get hot between supporters of the New Orleans Confederate monuments and a group of anti-fascist terrorists. Page will be updated as things develop.