Baton Rouge High School Finally Changes Its Name to Stop Oppressing Blacks

General Lee is an evil white bastard who must be erased from history to make way for blackness.

Finally, the blacks will be free of this high school’s name that was oppressing them with such malicious vigor.

The Advocate:

Following years of outcry over a Baton Rouge high school bearing the namesake of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, the parish school board on Thursday agreed to rename the majority-Black school Liberty High School, the latest local action in response to protests against racism and police brutality.

The school board on Thursday approved a proposal in an 8-1 vote that jettisoned the name Lee High School during its virtual meeting and debate over whether to name the school after Louisiana’s — and the country’s — first governor of Black descent. Board member Tramelle Howard cast the lone “no” vote but did not discuss why he voted against the name Liberty High.

“I know what they did in 1959 was horrendous and done in the wrong spirit,” said board member Evelyn Ware-Jackson, adding that she’s happy leaders are “correcting that wrong.”

In recent years, the school’s name has become a flashpoint among some residents and school leaders. They say it is inappropriate for a school that is 80% Black to be named after a Confederate leader and slave owner.

The latest push to change the school’s name came amid a reckoning of America’s history of racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, at the hands of a White Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day.

Protests across the nation and in Louisiana against police misconduct following Floyd’s death have also dovetailed into pushes to rename and remove public namesakes and monuments with ties to slavery and the Confederacy.

Amid that growing pressure, school officials agreed Lee High should be renamed and in past weeks drew thousands of suggestions from the public on what it should be called next.

With more than 5,000 suggestions, the top vote-getter was iterations of Liberty.

Well, let me just be frank here: the problem I have with changing the name to “Liberty” is that liberty is a white concept, and this is still representative of white supremacy.

After all, wasn’t General Lee fighting for liberty?

The right thing would be to rename this school after something to do with real black culture, so that the blacks could be proud of their heritage, and have something to truly believe in within their community of people who look like them.

An appropriate name would have been “Lip Plate High School.”

Another great name would have been “Head Basket High School.”

Or perhaps “Mud Hut High School.”

Another great one would be “Cannibalism High School.”

Equally appropriate would be “Cow Ass-Sucker Piss Bather High School.”

In order to honor a more modern aspect of the deep cultural heritage of the blacks, we could have called the school “Beer Bottle Cap Headdress High School.”

More modern black heritage names could include “Bloods and Crips High School,” “Crack Cocaine High School” or “Drive-By Shooting High School.”

Please, just anything but “Liberty,” “Freedom,” “Justice,” or some other Western, white supremacist word. We know now and have accepted the fact that white people are complete shit, and worthless human beings, and that nothing they ever did in history has any value at all, so it is time that we started actually embracing things like lip plates, mud huts, cannibalism, sucking cows’ assholes and bathing in their piss, and drive-by shootings as the actual superior culture of the human world.

Blacks are simply better than us, morally and intellectually, and it is high time that we recognized that and truly started abandoning the institutions of Western civilization in favor of black notions of civilization.