BASED Trump on BASED First 100 Days (And What They Mean for Us)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2017

Trump went on Fox News for a 100 days interview.

I guess this is 100 days today? Or was it yesterday?

I don’t even know/care.

I think I should use this time to explain why it is good that he won. Though already did that yesterday, this will be a different article.

First, a brief list of flip-flops since Kushner has taken over as President:

That’s a limited list, but it covers basically all of the flips.

And these flips were not in the last 100 days, they were in the last 23 days. All of them were in the last 23 days, from the time Trump launched an illegal, pro-ISIS, anti-Russian missile attack on Bashir Al-Assad, the elected leader of Syria at war with Western-backed terrorists.

This is still hitting everyone on an emotional level. We put so much work into Trump, and it’s like wow.

During the election, we never expected him to be the new Hitler, and in fact, we expected him not to fulfill most or any of his actual promises. But then he brought in Steve Bannon, and started going down a checklist of promises, not really accomplishing anything but at least trying and then all of the sudden – BOOM.

Everything flipped.

The fact that he came in really looking like he was going to do what he said is what made the flip so difficult. If he would have come in with less vigor, then then just slowly backed-off his agenda, it would have been more “meh.” But it is very clear, that he is being forced to prostrate himself to the Jewish ruling elite in the most humiliating way possible – humiliating both to his supporters and to him.

People are dealing with this in different ways:

  • For some people, they will believe him no matter what, and just go along with whatever, because they’ve psychologically identified him as their leader.
  • For some people, it just hasn’t set in yet what is happening.
  • For some people, he was a shill all along, and they are raging.
  • For some people, this is something that was inevitable, because no one beats the Jewish system through democracy.

I think in the long run, most are going to come to realize that the truth of the matter is very simple: Trump tried to take on the system, and he lost. Period.

What this means is that no one can take on the system through democracy. That was proved by Donald Trump’s election. If Trump can’t do it, no one can.

It is the most important point that could have possibly been proven, because now anyone who wants to fix this society will no longer be talking about electoral politics, no longer pouring energy into them. That era of America is officially over.

If Hillary would have won, they would have rolled out Ted Cruz pushing Trump’s basic platform for 2020, and all energy of the mainstream conservative movement, and the Alt-Lite, would have gone into that. The Alt-Right would not experience the boom that we are going to experience now that we can say: “look, Democracy is a completely Jewish hoax – we have to do something different.”

The “When Shit Hits the Fan”/”Real Walking Dead/Mad Max” Meme

I see some people saying that it would have been better if Hillary had won, because then “the shit would hit the fan” and there would be a collapse of society and a civil war and that Trump’s election just slowed the inevitability of this total apocalypse scenario (which is something that some people view as a positive thing).

The “everything is going to collapse and the government is going to round people up and put them in FEMA camps and then there will be a white Aryan resistance that will somehow fight the government and win and establish a white ethnostate” meme is basically totally absurd. At least to me it is.

Honestly, I just haven’t seen a valid, logical explanation for the scenario in which such an event would occur, and I think the people promoting this theory are mainly doing it because it has been promoted for so long by “Patriot” talk radio host selling gold bars and storable canned foods.

Basically, the obvious thing that will happen is that the United States will just slowly sink further into a third-world type state, with the riches whites/Jews/gooks living in neighborhoods protected like militarized compounds, while everyone else lives in a crime-ridden, drug-filled, poverty-striken hell on the outside of these neighborhoods.

It will be a slow “Brazilization” of the United States. Basically, everything will look like Detroit looks right now. For those who don’t know, the center downtown of Detroit is very white, with a heavy police presence, while the rest of the city is an unpoliced hell where you can get shot walking down a main street in broad daylight and it not even be investigated.

In such a scenario, there will be no middle class, and the remaining whites/Jews/gooks living in the super-rich protected compound-type neighborhoods will pay very high taxes to make sure no one in the lower mixed-brown class starves or freezes to death. The government will slowly be taken over by non-whites completely, but they will allow this protected small group of whites/Jews/gooks to continue to exist to pay taxes.

Just watch a documentary on Brazil for more information on what is coming. There are several good ones that I can’t think of the names of right now.

America will lose influence across the planet as China takes its place as #1 global superpower.

I just haven’t seen an explanation as to how something other than this will happen, save for a full-on World War (which may indeed happen – there’s probably a 25% chance of it, if I had to guess).

Basically, Trump (or any Republican) will slow this process – which is probably, to most people, a good thing, as it gives us time to organize.

He will probably not be any worse than George W. Bush. That is my thought at what we are looking at right now.

Hillary would have killed the First and Second Amendments, which I genuinely do not believe Trump is going to do. Obviously, he’s already proven he’s willing to do anything, but the fact that he would lose the entire Republican base completely – his Jewish handlers don’t want to do this. If he does do it, he won’t do it until his second term.

We Have Lost Nothing

Though it feels like a loss that Trump betrayed us, in mathematical terms there was no loss, as we never had the promises he failed to fulfill, and there is no reason to believe we ever would have had these things.

Conversely, we’ve gained a whole helluva lot by demonstrating, matter-of-factly, that our ideas – of which Trump campaigned on a huge number of – are very, very popular.

Things that you didn’t used to be allowed to say are now a part of the common language and the accepted dialogue. People have been given permission to think that white people have a right to exist.

Last Men Standing

The point that we have proved that there is no democratic option simply cannot be overstated.

This is going to collective dawn on people, 100th monkey style, at some point. Sometime in the next 12 months.

And that leaves only us as the remaining option for anyone who is unhappy with the current trajectory of our civilization.

We simply have to be organized to offer the message, to better ready to receive these people.

And look, it isn’t just DS that can do this. We appeal to a certain type of disenfranchised young male, but others are appealing to other types – we all need to be on the same page.

The task at hand is the unification of the movement as a single, cohesive bloc.

We need to stop infighting. What’s more, we need to begin isolating and shaming people who engage in infighting, as they are damaging the movement.

It Doesn’t Matter Who We Are – What Matters is Our Plan

Firstly, we are not going to overthrow the government. It simply is not something which is physically possible, period. Any type of organized violence will be immediately crushed, and even “lone wolf” violence can lead to a crackdown, creating larger budgets for task forces against us and more momentum for legal sanctions.

The plan is going to be to organize in the way Hezbollah and to a lesser extent that the Golden Dawn have organized, as functioning cultures – alternate societies – within the established state.

That is the only possible revolutionary way forward. Obviously, it needs to be elaborated on in detail, and at some point I’m going to begin doing that. Until then, you can read the Wikipedia page on Hezbollah, to get some idea of the general concept here. Note that I am not talking about a paramilitary organization, which Hezbollah is generally classified as – I am talking about working within the current established system to create a separate, self-sustaining system that has the goal of ultimately replacing the established system through merit.¬†Ultimately, secession will be in the cards. And it will be far from impossible when our government is entirely populated by brown people. They won’t be able to stop us. But that’s a long way off. First things need to come first. Get Together

It’s time to seriously begin more real life organization. And we need to do it quickly. You need to start making local connections with like-minded people, and start building real groups of brothers who are willing to stand beside one another with loyalty.

The Stormer Book Clubs are a stepping stone, but they are a stepping stone in the direct direction we need to be moving in. Get involved. Start spending time together, doing all sorts of things, which make you a better man. Train together, talk to women together, practice skills together, help each, develop character and understanding of the concept of honor, loyalty and brotherhood. Begin forming real life friendships with people who share your beliefs and goals.

Then you connect with other groups in the surrounding area.

If someone who is vetted from another group needs a place to stay, let them stay with you. If someone needs a job, help them get a job. If guys have substance abuse problems, help them with those. Help guys get in shape. Help each other with family and female problems.

Start taking care of each other, and viewing yourself as a brotherhood, and other men will see this and want to get involved.


Everything is going exactly according to plan.

The Trump phenomenon is a huge net gain.

Stop being sad.

We’ve got nothing to worry about.

We need to get our heads right, streamline our collective message, and move toward real world organization.

We are going to win. I have no question about that.

Hail Victory.