Based Tavecchio Lashes Out Against Kikes and Faggots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2015

Carlo Tavecchio: hater of kikes and GRIDS-beacons
Carlo Tavecchio: hater of kikes and GRIDS-beacons

Italian Football Association President Carlo Tavecchio has once again gained the public’s attention for lashing out against the enemies of the White race, naming both Jews and faggots in a recent leaked old interview.

Football Italia:

FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio is back in the eye of the storm after old antisemitic and homophobic statements resurfaced.

The head of the Italian football federation was already in the spotlight last year for stereotyping African players as banana-eaters.

Now il Corriere della Sera published an audio tape with fragments from a conversation he held with a representative of the website Soccerlife.

In the audio, Tavecchio can clearly be heard damning Cesare Anticoli for his involvement with the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti.

Tavecchio refers to Anticoli as an ‘ebreaccio’, pejorative for ‘ebreo’, meaning Jew.


That word is “Hebrew,” some form of which is the word for Jew in many (most?) European languages.

All the main countries where anti-Semitism is acceptable use forms of this (including, I believe, all Slavic languages – commenters can let us know), while SJW countries in Northern Europe use some form of “Jew.”

I don’t exactly know why this is, but there is a clear pattern there. It may be that the very word itself has a more alienating connotations, and thus tends to be used by people who view the Jews as more alien, in countries where they are less assimilated.


Even in English, “Hebrew” summons up imagery of their entirely alien language and desert origins and culture, while “Jew” mental images are that of a local nuisance.

I don’t have anything against Jews, but it’s best to keep them under control,” he continues, before riling against gays.

Is it true that a former President of the FIGC was gay? I have nothing against homosexuals but keep them away from me, I am perfectly normal.

Predictably, he of course apologized as soon as these tapes were released.

His apology actually somehow isn’t as cucked as most apologies tend to be, as he suggests there is some conspiracy against him.

Tavecchio defended himself from accusations of racism and homophobia, stating today that he is being blackmailed.

“I am clearly the victim of a blackmail attempt,” he said. “I don’t remember the exact words I used in that conversation, which could have been manipulated.

“I met someone I hadn’t seen in a long time, whom I denied a request to finance his editorial activities and to use the Federation as a vehicle to obtain European contributions.

“I’m in excellent relationships with the Jewish community and any attempt to discredit or slander me by illicit means, by these methods which are nowadays so common, will be countered within the appropriate institutions.”

Even when people cuck-out after naming the Jew, it still just goes to show that powerful White people largely feel the same way we do about these people.


To a somewhat less extent, the same goes for the way the rich and powerful feel about Blacks and gays. A person at the top of society didn’t get there by being stupid, and to believe in this SJW agenda, you cannot have a abnormally high intelligence. To people with special intelligence, everything we say here is simply obvious fact.