Based Steve-O Calls Out Jewish Control of Media

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

Welcome to Jackass, Jews!

Former Jackass star Steve-O has apparently gone full Nazi and is spamming up his own Twitter with racist and anti-Jewish posts.

These posts he’s making a redpilled as fuck.

However, Steve-O probably got hacked. Probably.

Someone on /pol/ posted proofs.

This does not mean that Steve-O is not a racist and not an anti-Semite.

He clearly just needed a little bit of a nudge to get his views out there, that’s all.

During the tweet rampage, whoever was in control of the account threatened Steve-O and told him to stop deleting his tweets. Which apparently Steve-O was doing while he was posting them, in real time.

So, how was Steve-O deleting tweets that the hacker posted if he did not also have access to the account? Steve-O deleted the more incoherent and egregious posts, like these ones here.

However, a lot of the racist tweets were left up. Some of them are even up there now, at time of writing – including the CNN Jews one at the top of the page.

So obviously, he is leaving up the ones he agrees with. Right?

This appears to be what is happening here.

It’s either that or Steve-O went full Banzai with his account and posted the proof on 4chan himself so he could get away with posting a bunch of racist shit to redpill his followers.

A real suicide kamikaze red-pilling.

You don’t see much of those these days.

Gone are the all-America bad boy Twitter accounts that would take the kikes to task day in and day out on the interwebs.

Steve-0 might just have been the last gasp of a dying breed.

If so, God Bless him for his service.

His country thanks him for his service.